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Building a Mass Movement - Gaza - Systemic Change - Justice Now! -

Gaza - US - Pictures - Tell a Story

The Genocide Continues and Guess Who's Coming?

Genocide is Not The Answer

Google - G E N O C I  D E - Project Nimbus

Hamas and More

Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance - Tareq Baconi


  I'm Jewish - I'm Privileged - Prologue

   Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part I (with links for succeeding parts)

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part II

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part III  

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part IV

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part V

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part VI

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part VII

  Judaism - Israel - Palestine - Part VIII

Meaningful Black Friday

Not in My Brother's Name (repost)

October 4, 2023 - Is Positive Change Getting Closer

Rashid Khalidi - This Moment in Palestinian History

Peter Beinart interview of Rashid Khalidi - January 19, 2024

Rashida Tlaib- Amazing, Wonderful Important Hero of Mine

So Who are these Scary A-rabs?


Albert Vorspan - my Friend Kenny's Father - A Wonderful Man

Birthright Israel

Boycotts - BDS - Anti-Semitism - and Israel

Building a Mass Movement - Gaza - Systemic Change - Justice Now!

Confronting The Occupation - (Israel-Palestine)

Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, American Muslims for Palestine and Respect

Except for Palestine: The Limits of Progressive Politics - Marc Lamont Hill and Mitchell Plitnick

Fatima Mohammed - June 21, 2023 - with Peter Beinart

Gaza-Israel-Palestine: What Can We Do?

GENOCIDE is Not The Answer

Good Resources on Racism and Israel-Palestine


The Iron Cage, A "Must Read" on Palestine and Israel

MAS-ICNA Convention - Very Interesting!

Mayor Pete - An Unacceptable Stance on Israel-Palestine

XII - Much Better - What Do The Words "Merry Christmas" Mean (to me)

My Name is Rachel Corrie

Nakba Day and Abortion Rights (Day) - Meaningful Days in Succession

Not in My Name (repost)

October 4, 2023 - Is Positive Change Getting Closer?


Palestinians - vs. Black Mississippians

Progressives? - Palestine - a Book Review

Rashida Tlaib - Amazing, Wonderful Important Hero of Mine

Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism - an Excellent Book

Shireen - Important Caring Words

Stranger in My Own Land - Fida Jiryis - Incredible!

Three Magnificent Documentaries

To Be a Jew

Two - Principled, Strong, Loving, Israeli Jewish Young Women


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