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Looking at being Jewish – Usian Jewish – reflecting upon – Gaza today, Palestine and Israel – and “Old Palestine” – before 1917 - I have many thoughts and Deep feelings!   I don’t think of many things that many fellow Jews think of.

I think in this moment – of a woman – who is meaningful in my life.   I told her of the severe current mental health issues of my brother, “the other Marx brother” (our last name is Marx).

I emailed her a day or two ago that my brother’s mental health issues began in childhood.  


They, probably began over a year before our father died – when he was 11.   At age 9 – he arrived with me – Zim Lines – Naples to Haifa (perhaps we were even on The Theodor Herzl (I just found ships listed: https://www.theshipslist.com/ships/lines/zim.shtml - discovered reparations from West Germany helped fund the line).

We were privileged – freely visiting – many of our father’s relatives my father hadn’t seen since his move from Berlin to Cincinnati in 1927.

My ally – told me – I cried then and – am crying now– Mine has also been struggling with mental illness all his adult life, so, sadly, that is one thing you and I share. 

I was driving home this afternoon – when I burst into tears!   There was a Roman Catholic Church – (not in a trendy Area) of Berkeley, California – with large banners – saying - C E A S E F I R E   NOW – and similar.

What is the connection – why these seemingly random words?

I left out a few really important things:

1.    She lacks a lot of the privilege I have!

2.    She is a devout Roman Catholic

3.    She is Palestinian, an Israeli citizen, and lives in the Middle East 

and if you are already with me - at least Mostly - you can jump to the END of this Writing - before - the Resources to learn more about her.                        ON TO MY CONCLUSIONS BELOW:

-(1)- Many of us who are Jewish – lack – a personal connection – with anyone who is Palestinian and/or Muslim.   Many Israeli Jews contact with Palestinians is solely superficial.

We don’t trust – the Palestinian People!

Regarding Israel’s Jews who are 80% of the “citizens” – and were barely 50% of the pre-October 7th – residents of – Gaza+Israel+The West Bank.

New data: 47% of new doctors in #Israel are Israeli Arabs and Druze. 48% of all pharmacists in Israel are Arabs. 24% of all nurses in Israel are Arabs.


Perhaps - these figures are high?   Even so – do Israeli Jews trust their pharmacists, doctors and nurses?  - Strange!

-(2)- Fear – hatred – Manipulation of Others – is so, so, so prevalent in The United States today!  

Historic Myth: “Black Men are a huge danger!   They rape so, so many innocent white women”!

Thomas Jefferson’s power over one Black Slave (rape) – lead to his Black Descendants.  

Strom Thurmond –  a noted clearly racist US Senator:

In 1925, Thurmond had an affair with Carrie Butler, an African-American teenager who worked as his family's housekeeper. In 2003, the Thurmond family confirmed that Thurmond fathered a mixed-race daughter named Essie Mae Williams with Butler. While her paternity was long hidden, he helped support her and paid for her college education.[21][22]


-(3)- It is also not coincidental – that the dominant narrative – related to Palestine and Israel – is significantly upside down from the clear reality.

a.    Yes – there has been and continues to be violence – perpetrated by Palestinians against Jewish Israelis.

b.   In general, however, the dominant real narrative – is of the Powerful – murdering and otherwise oppressing – those – who “lack the weapons”.

The dominant narrative has related to Jews – from Theodor Hertzl – starting in the 1890’s to Israel today.  Israeli Jews were viewed as reasonable, deserving allies of those in Great Britain from 1917 until things spun out of control in 1947.  Then the United States became our/their “ally” circa 1948.   From 1967 on – Israel – has been “The Ally” – receiving increasing direct military and other financial assistance.

-(4)- Totally ignored in this narrative was Why? – Why was what became Israel wanted by Great Britain’s elite leadership?  Why did other Western European countries want Israel? 

Why was there/is there little or no interest in the Palestinian People?

Oil – and Saudi Arabia – at first – were initially not that important.

-(5)- Anti-Semitism – was – “the issue”.   Jews – were often – “a pain”.   While they weren’t “the bankers” – that we are stereotyped as (and my paternal great-grandfather was!), they were a significant problem!

It went well beyond Germany – where they were often Educated, Cultured, and Upper-Middle Class – in the midst of often massive (financial) depression.

 Anti-Semitism – was the way for the Elites of Western Europe to Not have to deal with “Their Problem”.   “The Jewish Problem” – was a bother for them, because it would require them to either:

1.     Affirm – oppression – affirm (support) Anti-Semitism – directly or in more subtle ways,


2. Deal with oppression – and work seriously towards ending it – what it should have done.   Dealing with oppression – this is a great example is taking a major risk!    The oppressed, in this case, The Jews, might ally with other oppressed groups – and united – might be a threat to the continued systemic oppression – the power of the Elites (against the rest of the people).


Why not – instead – “export” – the problem?!   Push – this issue upon – Palestine – a convenient answer!

Before you “laugh” – recognize – how often Elites – Powerful Interests – find the ways to divide and conquer.   In this case – focusing upon Palestine – using Zionism – neatly solved the problem.

The concept of “White People” – began in the second-half of the 17th Century as poor white indentured servants began allying themselves with Black People – both enslaved and not.  

The concept of “whiteness” – as opposed to being: “Irish”  or “Irish-American” – where one’s family had come from – helped the powerful – keep the threat of unified: poor white people and poor Black People overpowering the large landowners of much of the Southern United States.

The British – “taught” – the Hindu (religioned) people of India – that the Moslem (religioned) people were – “different”.   This idea of “being different” meant that they should be aware that “the others”- were their enemies.   Using this logic, both those who were “Hindus” should therefore rely upon the British, because they were there to help them.   Similarly, the “Muslims”  or “Moslems” – should (also) similarly rely upon the British.

Obviously, both those of the Hindu faith and those of the Moslem faith clearly, if acting in their self-interest – as well as for ethical/moral reasons – should/would have recognized that mutual tolerance and acceptance of each other was the right way to go.   In doing that they could have sought together to force the British to leave what would have thus been a UNITED India – which included collectively people of both faiths, as well as other smaller faiths within the areas that they lived in.

If they had (successfully) done this, India wouldn’t have been first divided into Pakistan (vs.) and India.  Bangladesh would also have not (needed to) come into existence.   Kashmir would not now be facing Indian Government oppression.   India, unfortunately, is modeling Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian People, on how it should control the Kashmiri People.

India has approximately 1.4 billion people – the largest population in the world.   Pakistan has about 230 million people.  

Demographics of Bangladesh


https://en.wikipedia.org › wiki › Demographics_of_Ban...


About (91.04%) of Bangladeshis are Muslims, followed by Hindus (largest-minority) at (7.95%), Buddhists (0.61%) and Christians (0.30%) and others (0.12%) as per ...

Bangladesh has about 170 million People.

India 1.4 billion minus 200 million Muslim People = 1.2 billion people

Pakistan 230 million (over 95% Muslim) + 200 million Indian Muslims + Bangladesh – over 150 Muslims = roughly 550 + million Muslims combined

India and Pakistan – are both nuclear powers

** Anti-Semitism – was real then.   Unfortunately “the chosen solution”

+  Was a solution for Some European People – whose solution seemed like a win-win – for them – it Got Rid – of what they wanted to get rid of – having influential and significant people in Germany – which had a relatively small population, supported the well-off Jews of Great Britain – not that many of whom went to live there anyway, and Devastated the Jewish Populations of Eastern Europe

++ Told the Palestinians – both in the villages and rural areas – that they didn’t matter – and given – that they lacked

a.     the Money – the Wealth – that Wealthy Jews brought in along with the Hard Work of many immigrants – believing in Zionism -  and the Relevancy,

b.     and Connections and Talent and Influence – with Europeans – especially those with power and:

c.     the fact – that both The – wealthy elites in Palestine were split – between those who didn’t care and a few – who really did care – but were minimized by the British and:

d.     the Arab Leadership + their British and French “Protectors” – both resented the Palestinian People – abandoning them – while many in their countries cared, but had no way of supporting the Palestinian People

Zionism – helped Plenty of Jews – in the short-term – at the Expense of the Palestinian People – and really set them up for – resentment and resistance from the Palestinian People CHANGING:

1.     Real – Deep – Anti-Semitism in Palestine – where it hadn’t been a major issue while it lead to:

2.     Fear – the both the Palestinians and Arabs – and now – today – Iran – which is Neither Palestinian – nor Arab (though many of us both confuse Iran with Iraq and don’t know – than Iran – ancient Persia – the land of Farsi  (which the U.S. intervened with and messed it up royally – leading to its – OPPRESSION – which began- for real -  is the most feared

ANTI-SEMITISM  - can become linked with FEAR – and Fear with HATRED – and we shouldn’t and needn’t be stuck – as many of us are – stuck in our Fear–FEAR – F E A R !

-(6)- Yes, there were major Palestinian riots against Jews from 1936-1939.  When we seriously example the history, this is understandable!


-(8)- Personally, I was wearing my hoodie – recently complete on

 Sproul Plaza at  the University of California, Berkeley.  A fellow

 Jew was:

1.)  extremely triggered. 

2.) He was clearly scared (of Palestinians)! 

3.) He was very angry!  

4.) He clearly threatened to physically attack me. 

5.) He also threatened several college students.

For this man and many other Jews, the words: “Free Palestine” – translate into: “Annihilate the Jews!”  The words: “From the River to The Sea” – bring similar fear.  

-(9)- Israel is, and has been, a nuclear power for decades.  Its military is stronger than all but the armed forces of a few countries in the world.   

·       The reality is that Palestinian People live in danger!

·       Jews generally don’t!

·       The fear is real!

-(10)- There is a myth, and it is a myth, that we Jewish People are in constant danger of (another) genocide.  Terrorists – within our fears – are Only Kept Back by Israel’s and USian military might from obliterating most, if not all, Jewish People!

In 1995, Yitzhak Rabin, was murdered by a Jewish Terrorist.   Few, if other noted Israelis or U.S. citizens have been murdered.   Palestinian potential leaders have been murdered by the Israelis numerous times.

A year ago today, Palestinian American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh was killed while doing her job, reporting in the West Bank. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, her death was not a tragic one-time event but actually part of a long, deadly pattern. A new report from the group says at least 20 journalists have been killed by Israeli military fire since 2001. And it says, quote, "to date, no one has been held accountable."

Morning Edition, the host speaking, May 11, 2023


-(11)- Many of the major attacks in Gaza and The West Bank have been “preemptive” or “collective punishment”.   Those attacking have been overwhelmingly Israeli Jews against Palestinians. 

What is the aim or intention here?   If it is:

a.      To Stop the Violence and through that – to STOP – Our Fear?

·       If so, it clearly, clearly, clearly, has – EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE EFFECT!

b.     Is it for ethical or moral reasons?

·       If so, I would encourage you -  “my reader” – to look seriously at pieces of at least more than one of my writings – in this series.   I’m curious – IF you will hear – some of my message?   If you don’t, because – “I’m wrong” – we disagree – and perhaps you are wasting your time reading this now!

·       If you hear some of my message, I hope that you will – be CURIOUS – and – despite any triggering – or other feelings of Displeasure – you will – “do your own research”.   It can be using references I’m giving you – or finding your own sources.

·       You may agree or disagree with me then!   I would suggest that you Not simply seek sources or delve deeply into sources that you know, or should know that will agree with you (then) – expressing the dominant narrative.   (I’m not saying Only seek sources such as I suggest reading.)

-(12)- It is NO surprise to me and yet is deeply shocking to me that Rashid Khalidi stated to Peter Beinart on January 19, 2024 basically that No Mainstream (USian) Television Networks/Stations – have sought to interview him since October 7, 2023.  (Note: watch on YouTube – if curious - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EDypq6cKDM – to see and hear this yourself.)

Rashid Ismail Khalidi (Arabicرشيد خالدي; born 1948) is a Palestinian-American historian of the Middle East and the Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies at Columbia University.[2]… Khalidi has written dozens of scholarly articles on Middle East history and politics, as well as op-ed pieces in many U.S. newspapers.[38] He has also been a guest on radio and TV shows including All Things ConsideredTalk of the NationMorning EditionWorldviewThe News Hour with Jim LehrerCharlie Rose, and Nightline, and has appeared on the BBC, the CBCFrance Inter and the Voice of America. He served as president of the American Committee on Jerusalem, now known as the American Task Force on Palestine, and advised the Palestinian delegation at the Madrid Conference of 1991.[39]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rashid_KhalidiHistory repeats itself – in North America, in India, in Africa, as well as in Greater Palestine!

-(13)- “The savages” words often commonly used in our past referring to – The Indians – now referred to as: “Native Americans”.   In The United States  - the “compromises” and “reasonableness” never stopped as the Native People’s lands vanished, and their often dysfunctional lives evolved.

-(14)- The dominant narrative in Palestine was commonly that the standard of living was being raised by the Jews, so The Arabs should welcome progress; ungrateful, uncivilized people reacting with violence in totally unjustified ways.  

-(15)- The Palestinian People have Never – been given an opportunity – for justice!   The dominant narrative of greedy or stupid Arafat – vs. the benevolent Israelis is common.  Related to this our presidents have acted as mediators and have been – not favoring one side - is at best a gross distortion.

-(16)- The very basic idea of:   A “Binary” -   Palestinians vs. Israelis – as implying that there are “two reasonable sides”  or “two (equal) views” is generally a myth.  

Yes – the binary is real in one critical way!   The Israeli (Jewish) People are going to remain in at least part of Palestine/ Greater Israel.   The Palestinian People are also (intending to) remain in Palestine/Greater Israel.

A “War” is not taking place now in Gaza!

If one believes that this is a “War” – on should similarly view – the World War II – attack by Hitler’s Forces upon the Warsaw Jewish Ghetto – as having been a “War”.   The Jews – fought on – courageously, despite having – Zero – chance of – “winning” or forcing a “truce”.

Hamas – and the Gazan People as a whole have Zero chance of “winning” or forcing a “truce” currently!   Their – only sources of real – “power” include:

a.      The hostages they hold,

b.     The resistance – in– most particularly – the current Alliance – in The United States – of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Jews – and a growing systemic multi-racial/ multi-ethnic – alliance generally lead by Our (the diverse) Youth – who are confronting oppression in a holistic – unifying way  (NOTE:  I emphasize the U.S. – because – if/when Joe Biden and the U.S. Government – HONESTLY – “pull the plug” – stopping ALL support of – the Israeli Government – it will be forced – forced – to change if it continues its current path (at all).

c.      The fact that most countries are strongly against U.S. support of Israel, and those who support Israel largely due it for “strategic” ($ - related) reasons and/or concerns related to their own – vulnerabilities to U.S. military power and perceived fears of Russian and perhaps also Chinese economic/military power).

d.     Their own spirit – strength – core beliefs – which have kept them resisting others for over 100 years – and most strongly since 1947-1948-1949 + 1967.

Jordan’s King Abdullah didn’t want an independent Palestine any more than Israel’s leadership does.   Autocratic – Middle Eastern Governments – Iran – (U.S. interference), Egypt – the British and later on multiple countries, are not an option for The Palestinians in general.   They have no “home” to go to any more than most European-American USian People have “home” in Sicily or France or Germany or Great Britain or even Ireland.   In reality – to go back home – for Most U.S. People would be to return our land to its Native People.

-(17) – The fears of Israeli and worldwide Jewry – will accelerate, not get less – as the current conflict in Gaza continues.   If a Ceasefire – a real one – starts – it will be doomed to failures – unless there is a significant push – strong pressure – to do much, much more – than stop the killing and property destruction.

-(18) – Starvation is a HUGE issue!   There are many, many, many other issues.   Similar to how we have neglected our Military Veterans for quite a few decades- the traumas of the Gazans and the Palestinians go extremely deep.   Political prisoners are a problem.   Healthcare – is a disaster now – and will be for years if not decades.  – The Jews impacted by the Holocaust – did not “get back to normal” at all.   Their “recovery” took years and in important ways decades and for many, it never came.

-(19) – A Lasting Peace – will require a Just Peace.   A Just Peace will require both Urgency and Patience.  The Palestinian People have been VERY Patient!   Their patience is not Limitless!   There are many wonderful groups and individuals proposing possible solutions to the issues – pre-dating October 7th.  October 7th has complicated things – a huge amount.

-(20)- Curiosity – Love – Caring – Community – Alliances – Forgiveness – Restorative Justice – Economic Efforts that are Not simply “charity” – but are done in Community with others – Mutual Aid and Support – Listening and really hearing – is really, really, really important!


I really don't have THE ANSWER!

I do know that if there is an answer - it will come from the hearts and wisdom of a lot of people - cooperating with each other.   It won't come - from - The Status - Quo - where:

1. The United States - is  - NUMBER ONE

and while we are the Most Powerful "Force" in the World - we're beginning to - "lose it" - in multiple senses of the Word.   We aren't dealing with OUR Issues - and some (if not all) of the Elite - the Powerful Ones - are Manipulating - the Others - and Our Oppression of Others (Native People + Black People (including Slaves) + Poor white People - dating from 1492 - at least - through the Present - Seems to be Expanding Rapidly - threatening to move us into - if we're not already there - Into Fascism!

2. The United States - while Professing - Neutrality and "Fairness" - CAN - and SHOULD - 

P U L L    T H E    P L U G  - 1 0 0  % - 


and Perhaps - might also look at how it similarly mistreats - much of the world - and begin a path towards healing - towards 

True - Lasting - Peace - which WILL Last!

True - Lasting - Peace - which WILL Last!

True - Lasting - Peace - WILL Last!

True - Lasting Peace - WILL - Last!

True - Lasting - Peace - WILL - Last

if it isn't already too - late - if what we have done - destroys - both our Hope and the Possibility - of Literal and Figurative- of our Survival -  Our Humanity - Our Love - Life!

F R E E   P A L E S T I N E !






















i hope you are curious

i hope your curiosity will lead us forward



see one - you choose,

if helpful, choose another

and so on ...



Fida Jiryis - https://www.georgemarx.org/2023/03/stranger-in-my-own-land-fida-jiryis.html

(initial words of titles shown below – where relevant my reviews)

1.    Hamas Contained – Tareq Baconi - 

If Gaza – is your primary concern



Rashid Khalidi

The best history of Palestine – and through this perspective on Israel


3.    STRANGER IN MY OWN LAND – Fida Jiryis – Personal Story – For your Heart #1


4.    RECLAIMING JUDAISM – Karcher (editor) – Most Relevant Quote: From-1919! Proven Correct since then! - https://www.georgemarx.org/2021/06/reclaiming-judaism-from-zionism.html

5.    Peter Beinart – January 19, 2024 – Interview with Rashid Khalidi

Most Relevant Interview (YouTube) as I complete this now:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0EDypq6cKDM



1.    Jewish Currents - https://jewishcurrents.org/ - related to JC –

Peter Beinart - https://peterbeinart.substack.com/about ($=not free)

2.    The Electronic Intifada - https://electronicintifada.net/

3.    Democracy Now - https://www.democracynow.org/

4.    Al Jazeera English- https://www.aljazeera.com/

5.    Jewish Voice for Peace - https://www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org/

(self defined as: “Anti-Zionist” – allow allyship with – Palestinian Causes – not directly with many Jewish Groups)

6.    If Not Now https://www.ifnotnowmovement.org/

(Not Self-Defined as Anti-Zionist – can talk with many Jewish Groups – can’t be allied with Palestinian Causes (directly)

7.    Israelism - https://www.israelismfilm.com/ -
When two young American Jews raised to unconditionally love Israel witness the brutal way Israel treats Palestinians, their lives take sharp left turns.

8.    Noura Erakat - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPYoYGgi2bg 

https://www.georgemarx.org/2024/02/palestine-important-noura-erakat.html - 

February 23, 2024 - a Review of the Interview - links to both above

They join a movement of young American Jews battling the old guard to redefine Judaism’s relationship with Israel, revealing a deepening generational divide over modern Jewish identity.

(note: One changed in college – after multiple trips to Israel – when she re-examined her perspective through listening on The West Bank in another trip – the other went into the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) after high school – intending to remain in Israel and through what he saw – drastically changed his perspective – also note:  This film shows – detailed statements of Noted: Jewish Zionist leaders – not – “clips” – they are talking for minutes generally)

8.   Links to a Lot of my own writings – reviews – etc. –


(There are Many, Many other excellent sources of great information – but not: CNN and MSNBC and generally not NPR.)

FINALLY:  I have hundreds, if not over one thousand relatives in Israel – all of whom are Jewish.  I care about them.   I also care – about – Genocide – and do not support – the oppression of Palestinians and/or Arabs and/or Muslims.   My journey began growing up in a Zionist Family – born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, raised mostly in West Lafayette, Indiana – and dearly love my current home – Richmond, California as well as where I left in 2022 – Chicago, IL – Our Fears are Real – Let’s Not Hate Others – My work – began at birth (if not before then – my healing is ancestral from The Holocaust and the HUGE MASSIVE Anti-Semitism – and resulting deaths of Jews – going back 2000 Years!   Never Again – includes: The Palestinian People (as well as Native USian People, and others who’ve faced Settler Colonialism – and too often – murder – in Mexico, The Philippines, Haiti, Cuba – and many other places!  I do not feel guilty!  I do feel ashamed-when I am silent–when I should speak up! (excuse my typos and errors)!





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