XXV - Much Better - Cay

  Today had Meaning I can’t exactly Explain Was it a swizzle stick Or A Sparkler Shining in the (my) Darkness Twasn’t one thing - Exactly Twas - Feelings Generated - from a Spirit Expanding Being - Differences Celebrated Commonalities - Noted The Depths of the Mood The Depths of Much More - I’m Fascinated Myself - Feeling: a little bored with myself Not - that I’m necessarily   boring But the Tiny Bits of the Journey I know Next to Nothing About - Fascinates Me - understanding a little of it - Not - Exposed to it and Most Probably Never will  see more of it Perhaps, but Not Likely Curiosity for What? - For the Spirit A wisp of Smoke A sliver of gently flowing Water - Curiousness -deep Curiosity - EmPuzzlement - UnRaveling, Sliding - Down Being -   Down Includes - (seeking) Depth Finding More While Seeing That - the More That is There The Longer the Journey - Lengthens Broadening, Expanding

Stranger in My Own Land - Fida Jiryis - READ ME!

  Stranger in My Own Land: Palestine, Israel and One Family’s Story of Home is an incredibly moving, powerful story that will move all besides die-hard supporters of Israel, who won’t listen to any message incongruent with their perspective.   Fida Jiryis tells her story in a deeply personal way that brings up nearly all the issues relevant to what has and continues to go on.    She humanizes and criticizes many, including Arafat, Jewish Israelis, as well as fellow Palestinians, including herself. Jirysis has a perfect right to be bitter and angry.    She takes her anger, and uses it to try to reach us Jewish Americans and many others - who could choose to listen.    She cares about others, both near and afar.    Fida Jiryis is one who remains an outsider wherever she lives and whatever she does.    She is fluent in Hebrew, English and Arabic.    She has seen so much!    She has learned so much!   It goes well beyond “facts” - and does include a lot that is factual. What is so dif

H I G H L I G H T S !

  This is a Listing of Some of My Writings - which are individually on this Blog.  It is a part of my "story".  As I complete additional writings of the "Much Better" series, links to the new ones are added below. Below it - is a lot more - related to Me and What is Meaningful to Me! Much Better Late(r) Than Never - Intro   II - Much Better - Leading to Now III - Much Better - The Growth Begins IV - Much Better - The Personal is Political (and Vice-Versa ) V - Much Better - Out of My Head - I VI - Much Better - Aspie I Am VII - Much Better - Out of My Head - II VIII - Much Better - Rushing and Time IX - Much Better - Depression X - Much Better - Words Matter XI - Much Better - Sadness, Grief and Pain XII - Much Better - What The Words: "Merry Christmas" Mean  (to me) XIII - Much Better - Sadness - A Very Different Perspective XIV - Much Better - Toxic Masculinity - Privilege - I Melt With You XV - Much Better - To Listen XVI - Much Better - Rape and More X

XXIV - Much Better - Is the Glass Half Full? - Feelings

  XXIV - Much Better - Is the Glass Half Full? - Feelings I’m doing my best to Slow Down - in My Body - in My Mind - in basically all of me that matters.    When I’m “racing” inside - my body tenses up and I have physical pain.   Emotionally - also, I’m really lost in such moments - which can stretch out. Being in my body, moving into myself, I’m really lucky.    If pressures and pain were pouring into me, being in myself might be, indeed probably would be, incredibly challenging in most unpleasant ways. I return often to the question of whether: The glass is half full Or Is it half empty? What does this mean? Some of the time it feels like my glass is far more than half full!     When I’m proud of an accomplishment, I feel very satisfied.    When I am involved in mutual aid related work, I feel very connected - it’s far beyond - “half full”. Other things in my life can be much more challenging (and even very difficult for me).    From the outside, they may appear eas

George Hrbek - an Amazing Man - I was Lucky to Briefly Meet (through Zoom)

   6/27/31 - 2/19/23 I’m deeply saddened to learn of the death of George Hrbek yesterday, February 19, 2023.   I’m very glad that I moved forward to co-produce a workshop featuring him - November 15, 2022 - which is available to watch on YouTube at: . One can also learn more of George’s amazing life at: and/or Personally - I now need to modify my blog entry: S O M E   " A N C E S T O R S" Anne Braden bell hooks George Hrbek  (very much alive) James Baldwin Howard Zinn Shirley Chisholm with deep sadness! George, at 91, was a role model for me, and perhaps all of us!   He spoke of Sexism being important,, along with Racism.   He wanted to listen and learn from the younger people, including much

Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice - Initial Public Event

PLEASE - JOIN - MERJ - Sunday, March 12th - The Business of Birth Control Here's the show and tell link - to register to watch The Business of Birth Control -  March 9-12th Here's the  Zoom registration link  - to attend the Workshop  


  We’d gotten an arrest, a guilty verdict, the small percentage that gets the conviction.   It was time to see what justice looked like.   We threw open the doors, and there was nothing.   It took the breath out of me.    Even worse was looking back down to the bottom of the mountain, where I imagined expectant victims looking up, waving, cheering expectantly.   What do you see?    What does it feel like? What happens when you arrive?   What could I tell them?   A system does not exist for you.   The pain of this process couldn’t be worth it.   These crimes are not crimes but inconveniences.   You can fight and fight and for what?   When you are assaulted, run and never look back.   This was not one bad sentence.   This was the best that we could hope for. … To him, my lost job, my damaged hometown, my small savings account, my stolen pleasures, had all amounted to ninety days in county jail. I wondered if, in their eyes, the victim remained stagnant, living forever in that twenty