Table of Contents and More

Table of Contents and More

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What does it mean - when you say: "Hamas is a Terrorist ...." (organization etc.)?

  What does it mean when you say that Hamas is a Terrorist _____ ? (organization for example) Do you similarly say:  "Israel is a Terrorist State?" or say: "The U.S. is the Most Powerful Terrorist State in the World?" I doubt it! Well, let's start with the U.S.   I'd certainly say that it is obvious, that if we are to claim - that 2000 years ago - .... regarding the U.S. - we might at best Guess - that Native Peoples lived in much of what is now North America including at least 49 states of what is now the U.S.   If we use the same definition, the U.S. is clearly a terrorist state! When focuses upon Hamas, Israel is presumed, erroneously to me, to be a "positive" or "good" country.     What right did Lord Balfour and the the British Government of 1917 and the years following it to promise a Jewish state in Palestine?   It would have seemed much more logical to declare that the residents of Palestine should have (finally) have independence

Emotional Justice - Esther Armah: AMAZING BOOK!

  EMOTIONAL JUSTICE: A Roadmap for Racial Healing – Esther A Armah – is an incredible, amazing book which I would highly recommend for most people who are open to working on racism issues.    For white men, The Best; for white women – quite, quite valuable; for others I would imagine equally valuable. The Author kindly posing with me – White Privilege Conference – Tulsa – 2024 When Esther Armah spoke at the Privilege Institute’s 2024 Conference in Tulsa three months ago, everyone I talked with was amazed at what she said!    Robin DiAngelo (“White Fragility”) one of two Foreward writer in the book, as well as one interviewed in the book, was a facilitator and attendee at this Conference.     Many other notable people like Peggy McIntosh, as well as many incredible BIPOC, were also greatly impressed!    I’d never heard of Armah, and now I share her name with a lot of others! Lena Dunham shows how a woman upholds, through intimacy, this narrative of whiteness manifest in white

Tears Today

  Entering my 73 rd birthday I feel pain Deep Pain My Body is Hurting My Spirit is scarred Perhaps even Bleeding Hoping for a Respite of Minutes – at least Feelings and Though Abound “I Deserve It” If, If, If Only I will not say to you While it isn’t easy I can’t also Discard the Feelings and Thoughts Squeezing outward and Inward Writing in these moments Helps me Relax Being in the Pain Has Meaning Can’t bring Accountability but it helps in the Moment Thinking of my Father His Body – shrinking Losing – his struggle Nearly 60 Years ago Only Age 46 and I Lucky Having the Opportunities He Never Had Can I Regain The Flame or the Flicker of the Flame Of my Heart’s Inner Core Had been growing Seemingly Bountifully Anger, Fear, Trembling My Body Reacts and I React To it with Tears Not of Rage Dripping Slowly Being in Sad Contemplation Being Young(er) Twas – Painful Had been seemingly Free

Justice for Some: Noura Erakat - a Great Book!

Noura Erakat’s: Justice for Some:   Law and the Question of Palestine is an incredibly well written complement to Rashid Khalidi’s The Hundred Years War on Palestine: A History of Settler Colonialism and Resistance, 1917-2017 ( + Tareq Baconi’s Hamas Contained: The Rise and Pacification of Palestinian Resistance ( ) . The book is tremenously well researched!    It explains how Israel’s leadership has consistently over multiple decades used international law as a “weapon”.    The Holocaust is one bullet.   The (generally not reality based) Israeli (and other) Jews   fears of Palestinians are a second bullet.   Empathy for “poor” (sic) Israel is a third bullet.     Deeply woven in are the grossly racist narratives of the Palestinian People which Israel and its close “buddy”, the leadership of The United States (and many others

I am a TOTAL Fool~

  I am a Total Fool I made a Huge Mistake With No One to Blame But Myself My Lesson will Be The Biggest Learning Experience of My Life Painful, Painful, Painful Most Important Most Important Most Important I am starting to Learn Slowly Taking My Time It will take me I don’t know How Long to finally Become at least Part of Whom I want(ed) to Be I had a “false start” Believing Believing I was on that Journey Already I am a Fool Who Does Care I hope …. MayDay 2024

Daniel Marx - My Brother

  July 23, 1953 - April 22, 2024 My brother died last evening officially at 7:57 pm in the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  I was the only one in the room to see his journey move forward.    I wasn't the most "with it" of kids!   When my mother and brother came home from the hospital I evidently said:  "Who's that woman?" to my father.     In 1956, when Daniel was three we moved from Ann Arbor, Michigan to West Lafayette, Indiana.   We lived the first year in a university owned house near the intersection of Happy Hollow and North River Roads in WL.   A year later our parents bought the house at 122 North Street, across the street from Morton School where we grew up.   The upstairs apartment's living room was our bedroom, and the bedroom was our parent's bedroom. My brother was always closer to our father, and I to our mother.   In the second grade (I think Mrs. Tully's class) he was caught reading a book at