Table of Contents and More

Table of Contents and More

  Table of Contents and Much More   PARTIAL  - TABLE OF CONTENTS + More  - My Personal Blog www.WorkingTowardsEndingRacism  - My Anti-Racism Blog  -  MERJ - Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice Caring White Men Sharing Together  - -- A.    P E R S O N A L     W R I T I N G S   1.  B O O K   (+ MORE)   R E V I E W S  -   R A C I S M 2.   R E P R O D U C T I V E    J U S T I C E 3.  ISRAEL - PALESTINE - JUDAISM 4.  R A P E   -  R E L A T E D 5.  B O O K   (+MORE)   R E V I E W S  -   O T H E R 6.  M A S C U L I N I T Y 7.  MUSIC/PICTUR

Wake Up Men!

  I was a Clinic Escort at a Family Planning Associates Abortion Clinic in Chicago from June – September, 2022, when I moved to Richmond, California.     It took me until August, 2023 (after a variety of efforts)  to continue my Escort work, which is now for Planned Parenthood in Concord, California.   I work regular shifts, consistently doing the work week-after-week. For me, as a cis-hettish, white man, it is important that I’m in allyship.    I want to support the important work of girls, women and trans people.    I’m bothered that more men don’t volunteer!    Some of us are committed to coming to rallies.    We are reticent to dig deeply into personal work with other men.   We also don’t want to feel uncomfortable, and serious systemic change work is challenging. In Chicago, the front door, was on the street. We had protesters who, without our visible presence, would block the front door, while also guilt tripping the women and girls.     Many of those coming in looked exhau

Who Am I? - e.g. Aspie George

Who am I – e.g. – George “Aspie” Marx?    Well, yes, I have some major differences from most neurotypical people.     At the same time, I’m also: male, hettish, Jewish, upper-middle class, somewhat radical-leftist (politically), and much more.   Elon Musk and I are very different from each other, while both of us are Aspies. I am listening carefully to the words of another.    It may be a webinar, or it may be listening to you.     What is being said is either quite clear to me, or it’s not clear at all.     You say that the Republicans represent the interests of the Super-Wealthy.    Duh!     Many other things I hear are very, very unclear.    Are the words literal or not?    Is the speaker referencing their own experiences, or systemic norms?     The speaker appears to be Black.   Are her words related to racism, even though she seemingly isn’t talking about racism?     Frequently – my brain is trying to translate.   I may have roughly four visions.   Occasionally, I have fifte

The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store - Unbelievably Excellent!

James McBride's: The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store  - is one of the best, if not the best novel that I've ever read! From the first line: There was an old Jew who lived at the site of the old synagogue up on Chicken Hill in the town of Pottstown, Pa.,  ... James McBride took over my head (in trying to understand what really was going on) and my heart with this book.   The book rushed at me and took me over  in some ways.   It was very humorous, while having a deep, deep serious side to it.   It took me time to really get a grasp of at least part of what was the meaning of what was going on. The book is in a sense very simple, while it has layers and layers of complexity to it.   It is an easy read!   It is simply amazing! The book's heart deals with Racism, as well as Anti-Semitism and Classism.   It digs deeply into the depths of Connection, sharply contrasted with the pettiness and intolerance of others. Primary characters include:  Moshe and his wife Chona, a white, J

Marc Lamont-Hill Really Cares

  I care!    Marc Lamont Hill cares – and he speaks out – teaching, writing, and helping us learn and grow.    Denial – is an option only for those whose fears and traumas – or their Hatred – hide reality.   Unfortunately – most of the leadership of the U.S. and a (decreasing over time) majority of USians – remain ignorant, allowing the Killing and Wounding – physically and emotionally of far, far too many Palestinian People to continue and currently to grow.   Hatred and Fear – feeds on itself! CUNY bigwig who hired pro-Palestinian professor Marc Lamont Hill leaving job By  Carl Campanile  and   Jorge Fitz-Gibbon Published Aug. 29, 2023   Updated Aug. 29, 2023, 4:12 p.m. ET The embattled City University of New York president who sparked a backlash by hiring controversial pro-Palestin