Much Better - Late(r) Than Never - (In Total)

This is a Listing of the Individual Writings - which are individually on this Blog.  It is a part of my "story".  As I complete additional writings of the "Much Better" series, links to the new ones are added below.

Below it - is a lot more - related to Me and What is Meaningful to Me!

Much Better Late(r) Than Never - Intro 

II - Much Better - Leading to Now

III - Much Better - The Growth Begins

IV - Much Better - The Personal is Political (and Vice-Versa)

V - Much Better - Out of My Head - I

VI - Much Better - Aspie I Am

VII - Much Better - Out of My Head - II

VIII - Much Better - Rushing and Time

IX - Much Better - Depression

X - Much Better - Words Matter

XI - Much Better - Sadness, Grief and Pain

XII - Much Better - What The Words: "Merry Christmas" Mean 

(to me)

XIII - Much Better - Sadness - A Very Different Perspective

XIV - Much Better - Toxic Masculinity - Privilege - I Melt With You

XV - Much Better - To Listen

XVI - Much Better - Rape and More

XVII- Much Better - Gender, Privilege and More

XVIII - Much Better - Rape is Real to Me and Means Much More Than the Facts

XIX - Much Better - I Try

S O M E   " A N C E S T O R S"

Anne Braden

bell hooks

George Hrbek (very much alive)

James Baldwin

Howard Zinn

Shirley Chisholm

O T H E R S + R E S O U R C E S


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez


Black Lives Matter

Cross Cultural Solidarity - Lynn Burnett

Jared Karol

Midwest Access Coalition

National Museum of African American History &  Culture

Paul Kivel

Shelly Tochluk

SURJ - Showing Up For Racial Justice


Building and Sustaining a Healthy Men's Anti-Rape Group

Caring White Men Sharing Together

Erectile Dysfunction is a Highly Significant But Not Totally Important Part of My Life

I'm Afraid We're Losing Our Little Boy

I'm OUT - I'm On The Spectrum

Living With Constipation

Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice (MERJ)

Men Join Me! - It is Very Important! - Am I The Only One? I Hope Not!

My Anti-Racism - Reviews

(Review) - Promising Young Woman

Sacred Space - Lost in My Sadness

White boy - Get Off your A$$


Creating Focused Anti-racism Conversations - Shelly Tochluk - August 14, 2022 (last hour is the best part - all is excellent)

Inspiring Progressive White Men - Panelists: George Hrbek, Noah Kruis, and Justin Haas - November 15, 2022


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