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“I’m here to discuss YOUR White Male Privilege …!”


White  boy – Get  Off  your  A$$ !!

Goodbye Toxicity – Let’s Join the Others,

Already Working Towards Necessary, Systemic Change



This writing focuses upon cis-gendered, upper-middle class white men in the United States (USians) who want real systemic equality. 

The United States needs (positive) radical systemic change.   We recognize the “Joe Bidens” as our leaders.  Behind the scenes, the real work has been, and continues to be, done by the others who are not powerful, wealthy white men.   Black women (basically) elected Joe Biden.   Black women did most of the significant (basic, core) work that resulted in the passage of the Civil Rights laws of the 1960’s.


White liberal and radical upper-middle class/wealthy men wield a lot of potential power, far more than others (besides other similarly well-off white men).

We, cis-gendered white men frequently “rest on our laurels”.  We do some good things, but don’t exert our potential power, seriously helping build equality for all.

The 2022 elections may radically shift power to the right.  

(March 30, 2022) -Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who chairs the committee responsible for electing Republican senators, has produced an “11-point plan to rescue America.” It dramatically raises taxes on people who earn less than $100,000, and ends Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

With a 6 to 3 majority on the Supreme Court, Republicans have also taken aim at abortion rights and are now talking about ending other civil rights protected by the federal government after 1950: the right to birth control, interracial marriage, and same-sex marriage.  (my boldface)


We need to immediately build a movement of white men seeking positive systemic change!   We need to:

1.    do our own personal and political work,   

2.    reach other “woke”, and “almost woke” white men, strengthening our effort,

3.    diversify as we grow, reaching more white men, and

4.    network with, and support others, helping build a powerful movement.

This writing hopefully will, at a minimum, influence a few white men. While the odds are against us, we must help build support for people we generally ignore.  Others, such as BIPOC, women, trans folks – are already doing serious work!



I lived along Sheridan Road, in Chicago.  The “Loyola University” signage instantly transformed a young man’s car and body into a large, flat piece of metal.  He hadn’t made the curve, crashing his car driving 130 mph. We kill each other for “respect”.  Opioids and suicide take too many of us!  I didn’t cry at 13, when my father died.   It took me 17 more years, until I let myself cry!   Being: “a man” is my - and our burden.

We are quite toxic!  We are accurately perceived as a threat by many, such as women and Black People!  They may also be trans, queer, lesbian and/or gay.  Other white men and children are often scared of us.  Sadly, too often, we are afraid of ourselves.

We should be challenging ourselves - stopping our destructive paths.

The poison extends far beyond Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, today’s ultimate, toxic white males!   We, white men, disproportionately affect the lives of others.  White men hold 62 percent of all elected offices despite being just 30 percent of the population   https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/diversity-inclusion/555503-new-study-finds-white-male-minority-rule  

Mean individual white income is $71,125.40.  Median individual white income is $50,106.  Black, Native, and Latino earnings are roughly 2/3 of white averages. (Asian income is modestly higher ).    https://dqydj.com/income-by-race/ 

White women earn 83.2 percent as much as their male counterparts… https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/wkyeng.pdf

This writing is extremely long (and detailed)!   Readers – are welcome to skip major sections or if you’d prefer, go directly to the conclusions by:







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The Death Trap



The Income Trap









Privilege Revisited






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T H E    D E A T H   T R A P

Hey, we’re doing really great – we white men – aren’t we!  Wait a minute!  We don’t look so good at staying alive.  Our basic survival rates are pretty bad!

Start by looking at the Death Rates: Table I (in SOURCES – at end).  

Note that teenage boys and men into our 20’s and 30’s die much more frequently than girls and women do.  All male death rates are higher than the female rates from our first year of life through those who live beyond age 85. 

-Let’s look next at us who are white   and male.  

See -  DEATH RATES:  TABLE II (& III) (in SOURCES – at end),

There has been a significant increase in white death rates between 2010 and 2019.  Comparable Black, Latino and Asian death rates have declined and are significantly below the rates for white people.

Young and middle-aged adults (25-64 years old) in the U.S. have been dying at higher rates since 2010, according to a new report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. …

The rising death rate is due primarily to drug overdoses, alcohol, suicides, and cardiometabolic conditions — a category that includes diabetes and heart diseases caused by high blood pressure

From 1990 to 2017 fatal drug overdoses in working-age Americans increased in every state, but increases were especially high in Appalachia, New England, and the industrial Midwest


T H E   I N C O M E   T R A P

Let’s look further at us, the white people.   On average, we have more wealth and greater income.   See:  INCOME TABLE III and WEALTH TABLE I (SOURCES – at end).  Some white men earn substantially more than those who are not white males.  The mean (average) white man earns significantly more than the total household income of 70% of American families.

Three-fifths of American households have a gross income of $70,000 or less.  Two-fifths of American households have a gross income of $40,000 or less.   https://sgp.fas.org/crs/misc/R44705.pd

USian households are two-thirds white (see: OTHER - NUMBER OF US HOUSEHOLDS  (SOURCES- at end).  Black and Latino households are on average, poorer than white households. 

Because of how many families are white, far more white households are low income, than BIPOC households.




Lenny Kravitz


Being male is a major challenge!

In  Secrets: Boys’ Friendships and the Crisis of Connection:

Niobe Way reveals the intense intimacy among teenage boys especially during early and middle adolescence. … Yet in late adolescence, boys feel they have to “man up” by becoming stoic and independent.  Vulnerable emotions and intimate friendships are for girls and gay men.  “No homo” becomes their mantra. https://www.amazon.com/Niobe-Way/e/B001JS7ULO%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share


Our lives as boys are generally significantly different from the lives of girls!  

I observed a group of roughly five year old girls.  They were playing in the common area in front of our townhouse, “play-acting” a fight.   Each girl a different role.  There were detailed discussions as to how each girl should act.

I was surprised!   My son, of a similar age, would have been playing with toys, not children.  In organized sports it was the ball or bat, not his relationship to others.

Growing up, we face increasing pressures to be “a man”.  Significant numbers of us become what I would call “male outcasts”.  We “outcasts” are a varied lot.  Gay men may look “femme” or “buff” or “normal” (e.g. “het”).

We may be trans and/or gender fluid.  We may or may not identify as male. We may wish to be referred to as “they/them” rather than as “he/him”.  We may use other gender pronouns such as: “he/they”, “xe/xem” or “ze/zim”.  We outcasts may be neurodiverse (vs. neurotypical). We may have serious physical and/or mental health issues. We may not fit in as a boy or as a man!

We often feel pressures to excel in sports.

Studies have found that female athletes tend to be more team-oriented than male athletes. They are more focused on self-improvement rather than winning at all costs. Girls are more likely to value team unity than boys. They are also more likely to blame themselves than others in defeat. Coaches moving from one gender to the other must adjust their style and message as a result.


We learn to shoot the ball, regardless of the defense.  We need to be taught to pass the ball.  Girls often need to be taught to shoot the ball, not to pass it all the time.

As Niobe Way spoke of (above), we learn to:  man up.  It is the kiss of death to be a“f+g” or “a girl”.  We feel pressures from our parents and other adults.  Often – the biggest pressures we face are from male peers.  We fear ridicule and being kicked out of “the club”.  We learn to hide our doubts, our fears.  The dangers are from both others, and ourselves.  Being a man means not being a loser!

The movies, television, and other media reinforce that we should be an unreachable the best.  It may be in football.  It may be in school.  It may be the top doctor or lawyer, if not the fighter.   There always is another who is a step or more ahead of us.

Girls and women, are the caretakers.  Big sisters take care of the younger children. Far less frequently do big brothers have similar responsibilities. We lean on our mothers, and later on girlfriends/wives for emotional support. 

Parents teach us to carry out the garbage and mow the yard.  Later on we may learn to financially support our family.   With aging parents, we learn to manage their financial affairs.

We may rule over others because we are the man.  We do not become the glue that holds the family together.  The woman skips work to take care of the sick child.  The wife prepares supper, even when her work hours are equal to or greater than her partner’s hours.

When a family member is hurting, it is the woman’s responsibility to reach out to them.  The wife cares for the emotional needs of the aging parents.   Only in same sex relationships does the wife have a partner to emotionally support her.

As men we to focus upon what is directly in front of our noses. 

Children become relevant when they are ours.  Aging becomes relevant when a parent (or we) get(s) old.   Physical and mental health are relevant when we face immediate health issues, that we can’t ignore any longer.

Rape is (only) a women’s issue, unless our wife, mother, daughter, or sister has recently been raped.  Gay/lesbian/trans issues matter when someone close to us comes out to us.

Racism was an issue – in the months – after George Floyd was killed.   For many white men it no longer is a serious issue, because it doesn’t directly impact our lives.  It isn’t that we don’t care!   It is when, and how we care.

We like to listen to ourselves or white men who agree with us.   Women are only women.  Black and Latino People are those people.  The U.S. is #1 and Make America Great Again resonated with many USians well before the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine.

When were we great?   We have a “mythological past” we:

1.    civilized the heathen Native Americans,

2.    built an economic powerhouse on the backs of Black slaves. 

3.    saved the world for democracy, while Adolph Hitler modeled some of his Holocaust planning on how Blacks were treated here, and

4.    ended racism by passing important Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s, while strangely police killings of Black People persist, our schools are frequently segregated today, etc.

A vivid example is how Carl Braden, with his wife Anne Braden, sought to end segregation in the Louisville Area in the mid-20th Century. 

In 1954:

The Bradens purchased a house on behalf of the Wades in Shively, an all-white neighborhood in the Louisville metropolitan area, and deeded it over to the Wade family. White segregationists immediately lashed out – initially by throwing rocks through the windows of the house, burning a cross in front of it, and firing gunshots into the home – and then bombed the house (setting off explosives under the bedroom of the Wades' young daughter while the home was occupied), driving the Wades out and destroying the home. As a result of their actions, Carl Braden was charged with sedition. Although housing discrimination was illegal, the U.S. Supreme Court ruling specifically on a case in Louisville, Buchanan v. Warley, in 1917, charges were brought against Braden for hatching a communist plot to stir up a race war. A friend of the Wades was also charged with bombing the house to make it appear to have been done by others. No charges were filed regarding the other incidents. [1] Braden denied the accusations that his purchase of the house and its subsequent bombing were all part of a "communist plot", and denied that he had ever been a member of the Communist Party.[1] He was convicted on December 13, 1954, and was sentenced to 15 years in prison. Immediately upon his conviction, he was fired from the Courier-Journal, and he served seven months of his sentence before he was released on a $40,000 bond pending appeal – the highest bond ever set in Kentucky up to that time.[1][2] His conviction was then overturned.[2]  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carl_Braden

We say that we support democracy.  We financially and otherwise heavily support Ukrainian resistance to the Russian army’s invasion.

There are currently more than 65 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian citizens in Israel and Palestinian residents of the Occupied Palestinian Territories, according to Adalah, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel.”  An example: “The Nakba Law introduced in 2011 allows the finance minister to reduce funding or support to an institution if it holds an activity that commemorates Israel’s Independence Day as a day of mourning. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/7/19/five-ways-israeli-law-discriminates-against-palestinians). 

Twenty percent of Israeli citizens are Palestinian.  A little less than 30% more Palestinians are stateless residents under Israeli control since 1967.

Multiple studies including a recent detailed recent U.N. study describe the situation as “Apartheid”.    Politicians and other prominent USians face strong pressures to support Israel.  Those and supporting the Palestinian cause are frequently accused of being Anti-Semites.  Many states penalize U.S. businesses who support a peaceful economic boycott (BDS) of Israel.

We proclaim that girls and women have equal rights.  Disproportionately boys and men sexually and physically assault girls and women, as well as other men.  

We do not consistently support democracy!  We do not systemically confront racism, sexism, classism, homo/lesbian/trans phobias and much more!




I have major privilege!   I have much more potential “power” than a significant majority of other USians.  In this section, and the section that follow below, I will discuss both the importance of privilege, and how we can fail miserably when we simplistically label others as “privileged”.

My privilege includes that I am:

1.    White

2.    Male

3.    Upper-Middle Class

4.    Cis-Gendered

5.    Highly “educated”

6.    Physically and mentally healthy and

7.    An Adult


My life partner has similar privilege, with the exceptions that she is:

1.    Black

2.    Female

3.    Queer Identified

4.    Physically challenged

Others lacking my privilege are treated differently in significant ways such as they:

1.    are often followed by security personnel when shopping in stores,

2.    feel compelled to cross streets in the dark, to avoid passing a man walking in their direction,

3.    avoid exceeding the speed limit - at all - when driving,

4.    never make u-turns,

5.    are EXTREMELY careful during traffic stops out of a fear of being killed.

Lacking privilege is stressful!   I can and do take a lot of things for granted, that my life partner and others must pay significant attention to.

Being aware of, and paying attention to privilege, is important!   It also isn’t the whole picture!

Trauma significantly impacts the lives of many people!   A man may feel traumatized hearing repeated stories about local urban crime.  Their suburban home may feel unsafe.

The feelings are real, regardless of whether they are grounded in reality.   People with unresolved feelings can easily be open to the emotion laden words of others.  Politicians, television commentators and other public figures often exploit such fears with manipulative rhetoric.

Many white people, especially white men, feel threatened by our changing country.  The increasing numbers and influence of immigrants and other BIPOC challenge their self-worth simply by being who they are.  Often their feelings are deeply tied to racist resentment as well as homo/trans phobias.

Levels of trauma can, of course be deep, including for example:

1.              witnessing close friends or relatives being killed,

2.              losing a parent while young, or

3.              being raised by an abusive parent.

Republicans, some wealthy people and the right-wing play off working class white people against their Black and Latino counterparts. They label us:  socialists, radicals, elitist-liberals, and much more. 

Frequently we play along with the right by arguing facts.   They ignore the facts or readily discount them.  Fear and emotions are what we are up against.  Parents fears for their children, varied economic fears in a world of seeming shrinking resources, and similar, are dwelled upon by Fox News, Republican politicians, and others who profit from their words.

Where people experience clear racism, they often face extensive additional trauma related to multiple horrible things that they have lived through.  Some have lost close friends to police killings, being held-up at gunpoint, and being sexually and/or physically abused.  Those facing racism are immaterial to the right.

Credits: @boundariedbootcamp


P R I V I L E G E    R E V I S I T E D

White men are frequently told that they have significant privilege.  Where white men are struggling to:

1.    keep a roof over their heads, and/or

2.    get necessary medical treatment, and/or

3.    cope with serious mental health issues, and/or alcohol/drug dependency,

and similar, such words may ring hollow.   They may see women and/or BIPOC People who appear to have far more privilege than they have.

Class-status is important!  A white man with little formal education and a household income of $40,000/year will readily see from his perspective, that being white and male doesn’t give him privilege.   Many women and Black People clearly are economically doing much better than he is.

If I confront a fellow white man initially saying things to him like:

1.    You have significant white, male privilege,

2.    Black Lives Matter

3.    You ought to be ___

4.    You Republicans just don’t care

and similar, regardless of the truth of the statement, will rarely do more than ensure that this man will not hear anything more that I may say.  Such statements say much more about me than him.

We need to find better ways of connecting with and influencing other white men!   It helps to listen to their concerns and to show empathy.  We need to try to find common ground, which may allow us to work effectively together.  Building trust and rapport is important!  Blindly pushing our ideas won’t help!

Many of us have significant privilege.  We can and often do have “good lives”.  We don’t need to seriously deal with systemic problems others are up against every day.   We can enjoy our golf or tennis, and not concern ourselves with “politics”.  Others can’t avoid racism, sexism and/or similar!

We face two levels of challenge with such men:

1.    getting them to see the importance of working seriously for change, and

2.    helping them find, and sustain, meaningful involvement in one or more causes.


S O    W H A T    DO  WE   DO? -  C O N C L U S I O N S

We should start, supporting the work of “the others”, be they female, Queer, BIPOC, for example. 

Partnering with fellow white, male activists and potential activists is necessary.  Working alone is not a viable option.  We should support each other, in challenging, caring ways. 

We must start locally, and expand, coalescing nationally.  As we develop critical mass, we can branch outward.   We should build connections with less woke men, especially poor and working class men, who may have bought the right’s lies.  

We need to listen, and really hear others.  Hearing their stories, we may be able to share some of ours.  Then we can confront - The Blame Game - helping white (wo)men learn that they are played off against Black, Latino, and Native People.  We can share how wealthy elites profit by hurting the rest of us.

We need to help others see how class is used against us.  We can share how we are needlessly, deliberately divided by: race, gender, class and similar.  Our diversity should be a strength, rather than a polarizing agent.

When we judge other white men, before listening to their concerns, we typecast them, typically erroneously, as “the enemy”.   We need to presume that many of them are reachable.  They have commonly bought into the “zero sum myth” – that falsely says that if “the others” gain, that they must lose.

We play the right’s “games”.  We argue facts. We accurately state: “climate change is destroying the earth”.  They play upon fears and emotion.  “Those immigrants steal your jobs”.  “Blacks and gays aren’t waiting in line, instantly pushing above us.”

The right has six likely Supreme Court votes against us.   They are suppressing the rights of many BIPOC people to vote. Soon abortion will not be a woman’s right.

We are trying to find ourselves.  We don’t feel an urgency to act now.   We don’t experience immediate threats that others face every day.  We don’t want to make any mistakes!  Every day that we don’t do all that we can, we face increasing odds against us!

Now we need to begin doing much more!   We must join others in “doing the work”, building towards meaningful, systemic change!    Let’s:

·       Listen and learn from others – sharing what works and doesn’t work

·       Have urgency – with patience,

·       Support BIPOC, Women, Queer/Trans People – following their leadership,

·       Do both our Personal and Political Work – with each other such as being an active member of a white affinity group,

·       Take care of ourselves – share food, celebrate, relax, take limited time off

We must recognize how toxic masculinity hurts others, and ourselves.   We must hear each other, recognizing both our commonality and uniqueness, as white men.

We must model a new masculinity !!

1.    Moving into our hearts and spirits – (using, but not being stuck in our heads),  

2.    Being curious,   

3.    Extending the ”cocoons”, limiting us, building ever widening circles and spheres, far beyond what we can envision now.

I need to build curiosity and learn about menstruation, East African cultures, the lives of my Queer and Trans brethren, as well as other important issues like climate change.  

Building lasting community requires us to:

1.    Do both our personal, and political work, into the distant future,

2.    Help Motivate others – white men (and others) – in our own unique ways,

3.    Show Loving care for others, and ourselves, and

4.    Honor – the spirit the: sun, moon, and the raging and peaceful water.  


Credit: The Carter Center

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, visited children suffering from schistosomiasis during their Feb. 15, 2007, trip to Nasarawa North, Nigeria

Two excellent organizations to support and join their work are:

SURJ – Showing Up for Racial Justice - https://surj.org/ - has a lot of women, but far fewer men.  They have a lot of local chapters, a paid staff, and multiple ways we can connect with their/our work.

Men 4 Choice - https://www.men4choice.org/ - is doing some great work organizing men – working on Reproductive Justice (including Abortion Rights) – supporting the work of multiple women lead groups.

A   F E W -  S U G G E S T E D   R E S O U R C E S


1.    Charlene Carruthers – Unapologetic: A Black, Queer, and Feminist Mandate for Radical Movements - http://www.workingtowardsendingracism.org/2020/03/charlene-carruthers-incredible-book.html

2.    Catherine Fosl – Subversive Southerner: Anne Braden … - http://www.workingtowardsendingracism.org/2020/08/anne-braden-bio-excellent.html

3.    Alicia Garza – The Purpose of Power… - http://www.workingtowardsendingracism.org/2021/08/the-purpose-of-power-alicia-garza-wow.html

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9.    Richard Rothstein – The Color of Law - http://www.workingtowardsendingracism.org/2020/12/the-color-of-law-richard-rothstein.html

10.  Joseph E Stiglitz – People, Power and Profits … - https://www.georgemarx.org/2019/06/people-power-and-profits-joseph.html



From Division to Unity: The Race-Class Narrative with Ian Haney Lopez - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M6sMRuEdAOE

Green Book - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_Book_(film)

The Hate U Give - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hate_U_Give_(film)

Promising Young Woman - https://www.georgemarx.org/2021/01/promising-young-woman.html

The Anatomy of Race with Jane Elliott - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLI1QIbyRoA


Himpathy - https://www.sceneonradio.org/episode-53-himpathy-men-part-7/ - text




S O U R C E S 





          Death rate in the United States in 2019, by age and gender (per 100,000 of population)



Age Group



All ages*



Under 1 year**






























85 and over











2000 – Death Rates by Race/Ethnicity

White:     852

Black:    1130

Hispanic: 586

Asian:      507




Death Rate by Race and Gender (2019) – Male/Female (per 100,000)

Non-Hispanic White: 1,145.6  1,068.1

Non-Hispanic Black:   921.8       769.9

Hispanic:                      384.9       315.7

Asian:                           398.7       349.8




I N C O M E   and   W E A L T H   T A B L E S



Average Income

Median Income

Top 1% Income

White Non-Hispanic








American Indian








Pacific Islander




Two or More Races




Hispanic or Latino







Median weekly earnings of full-time workers were $1,010 in the fourth quarter of 2021. Women had median weekly earnings of $930, or 84.3 percent of the $1,103 median for men. (See table 2.) • The women's-to-men's earnings ratio varied by race and ethnicity. White women earned 83.2 percent as much as their male counterparts, compared with 99.4 percent for Black women, 77.7 percent for Asian women, and 86.7 percent for Hispanic women. (See table 2.) • Among the major race and ethnicity groups, median weekly earnings of Blacks ($805) and Hispanics ($799) working full-time jobs were lower than those of Whites ($1,030) and Asians ($1,384). By sex, median weekly earnings for Black men were $807, or 71.5 percent of the median for White men ($1,129). Median earnings for Hispanic men were $845, or 74.8 percent of the median for White men. The difference was less among women, as Black women's median earnings were $802, or 85.4 percent of those for White women ($939), and earnings for Hispanic women were $733, or 78.1 percent of those for White women. Earnings of Asian men ($1,499) and women ($1,165) were higher than those of their White counterparts.  https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/wkyeng.pdf





2019 = Quintiles of household income:

$250,000 - $110,000 - $70,000 - $40,000 - $15,000

Median: $68,703

Mean: $98,085




New data from the 2019 Survey of Consumer Finances (SCF) show that long-standing and substantial wealth disparities between families in different racial and ethnic groups were little changed since the last survey in 2016; the typical White family has eight times the wealth of the typical Black family and five times the wealth of the typical Hispanic family. …

In the 2019 survey, White families have the highest level of both median and mean family wealth: $188,200 and $983,400, respectively (Figure 1). Black and Hispanic families have considerably less wealth than White families. Black families' median and mean wealth is less than 15 percent that of White families, at $24,100 and $142,500, respectively. Hispanic families' median and mean wealth is $36,100 and $165,500…





NUMBER OF HOUSEHOLDS IN THE UNITED STATES IN 2020, BY ETHNIC GROUP (in millions) - https://www.statista.com/statistics/242027/number-of-households-in-the-us-by-ethnic-group/

White alone:                        100.57

White alone, non-Hispanic:   84.87

Hispanic (any race):               17.67

Black alone:                           17.05

Asian alone:                             6.85

Total of last 4 rows above:  126.44

Percentage of white alone:     67.12%


Many Thanks to Mattia Norbiato

– Instagram:  @mattnewmexico

For – the Wonderful Illustrations !


George Marx





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