Am I The Only One? I Hope Not!

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Washington — A controversial Texas law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect at midnight after the U.S. Supreme Court didn't issue a ruling on it. A group of pro-abortion rights groups and providers had asked the high court on Monday to block it.

The law is one of the nation's most restrictive, prohibiting nearly all abortions in the state, the abortion rights groups warned. 

In addition to outlawing abortion as early as six weeks into a pregnancy, the measure allows private citizens to bring civil lawsuits against anyone who provides an abortion after six weeks or helps a woman access the procedure, such as a friend who drives a woman to obtain an abortion, or clinic staff. Those found in violation of the law are required to pay at least $10,000 to the person who successfully brought the suit.


Close to a month ago, I reached out to roughly 40-60 other white men, calling upon at least one to help me coordinate beginning an effort for white men - working on supporting one Pro-Abortion - cause together - nationally - including working locally.

I spoke then - of the fact that SCOTUS - likely will soon allow the Alabama State law - to limit abortion substantially as well as later on the Mississippi - case which will allow the outlawing of abortion.

S I L E N C E - was the response - I got!  Several men offered muted support.

Upper-middle class white women - won't be hurt by this, though some of their daughters will - when they can't and/or won't trust their mothers.  

Poor BIPOC women - will be the ones hurt!

Strange - coincidence isn't it!

I'm still open to working with at least one other white man (or even a BIPOC man, though I think we white men should be there now).

My email address is:  m@rxge0(at)gm@1l(d0t)c0m - all lettering is standard not the symbols noted.  

I'm waiting!   I hope that I won't wait long!

I'm just as remiss as you all!   I was silent far too long!


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