I never knew Gillian.

Gillian was the daughter-in-law of Jean and Larry who I have known for around 56 years.   

Gillian was the beloved wife of Michael, who was born in Madison on my 19th birthday, a few years later.

Gillian was a loving mother of two wonderful daughters Allison and Maya, who were lucky enough to have her as a mother, and unlucky enough to have lost her, one as almost a young adult, and the other several years younger.

I remember Jean telling me of how Gillian, in all her pain, told her teenage child to respect her grandmother in a small,  but significant way.

"My future wife, who was teaching English and also being paid squat, lived in the apartment next to me.  I went halfway around the world to meet a nice Jewish girl from New York."

"This year, the FBA is pleased to announce Gillian __ as the Transportation Security Lawyer of the Year."   ... "___ attended Williams College, graduating magna cum laude, and the University of Michigan School of Law, graduating magna cum laude, and Order of the Coif and serving as associate and contributing editor of the Michigan Law Review."  (2012)

Gillian is on the Left

Tragically Gillian faced an extremely complex, horrible medical path!   In the midst of the earliest Covid days, she had brain surgery for a malignant tumor.   While undergoing the surgery, she had a major stroke.   Her beloved Michael was fortunate to be quarantined in the hospital with her at first.  Later on they were forced to be separated, when she had to be transferred to a different hospital.

For two and one half years her family lovingly cared for her, as her older daughter finished high school and entered college.   She struggled as long as she could.

I'm greatly saddened at hearing of Gillian's death!   She was a loving mother, a wonderful life partner, and a much cherished daughter-in-law as well as a mentor and supervisor, co-worker, friend and much more - besides having many amazing career accomplishments!

Gillian will be greatly missed by many!

June 21, 2022 - I'm overwhelmed with tears!   The funeral (on Zoom) is amazingly moving!  I never knew Gillian.  I'm learning a little bit of the incredible person - with a wonderful, caring heart, a sense of humor and much, much more!


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