Joe Biden - Common Sense


1.  The Pandemic is Moving Rapidly Forward

2.  The Current “Opening Up” has been a Disaster

3.  The Status Quo is Dangerous and Not Sustainable

You Have Two Clear Choices:

1.  Pretend the Above isn’t True or

2.  Take Action – Now


I Strong Suggest the Latter Approach!

You have several basic ways of Doing This Including:

1.  Issuing Mandates

2.  Asking Congress to Take Action

3.  Have Others – Meet asap and Make Recommendations that you then act upon

I suggest Alternative 3.

How You Can Do This is Up to You.

One Way Might be something like:

Appointing a five member panel you are asking to make Recommendations such as:

Kamala Harris (The Vice-President)

Governor Kay Ivey (R Alabama)

Senator Jeff Merkley (D Oregon)

Congressman Steve Scalise (R LA)

Rochelle Walensky, MD (CDC Director)


The Panel should be asked to meet either in person or via Zoom (or similar) asap and be asked to make recommendations as to how to change current practices related to:

1.  Encouraging Vaccinations

2.  Suggesting Mandates to be put into place immediately, as well as in the future, based upon how things move into the future – through both President Biden and Congress

3.  Suggesting -  Recommendations in a variety of areas related to the Pandemic

The work should focus upon what should be done related to vaccinations, mask wearing, possible limitations on attendance in person, and similar related to travel, restaurants, bars, places of worship, private employers, public employers, medical treatment facilities, senior citizens, children, immune-compromised individuals, travel, and similar.

Recommendations of the panel can include:

1.  Unanimous statements,

2.  Majority statements

3.  Minority or individual statements.

A deadline such as 10 days in the future should be set for an initial preliminary report.   A subsequent deadline for a substantive initial report might also be desirable.


I could imagine recommendations such as:

1.  Mandating that work in person at medical/custodial related facilities – require that all employees working with any public contact have mandatory vaccinations for all,

2.  Requiring that those who are indoors in all private businesses that are open to the public, and all governmental facilities require that all wear masks,

3.  Provide specific sanctions related to violations of the two recommendations noted above.

What I have written is one - possible model for actions.   It is Not important that the specifics I have noted be followed.  It is important that President Biden and others get their heads out of the sand – and move forward immediately in a substantive way.





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