Pretender(s) Exposed

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The Wisconsin Badgers were 23 point favorites over the Brigham Young Cougars.  The Badgers had won 41 consecutive home non-conference games and 19 consecutive regular season games.   In 2017 Wisconsin had beaten Brigham Young 40-6 in Provo, Utah.

"I wish I could say that I think BYU could give Wisconsin problems anywhere, but I just can’t confidently say that. Between what happened to us at LES last year vs. Wisconsin and our poor showing against Cal last week, my hopes are not high.

Where do you think BYU could give Wisconsin problems, and what’s your prediction for the game?

It may be close for a quarter, a quarter and a half if I’m being super hopeful, but I see Wisconsin running away with this one in a potentially ugly (for BYU fans) manner. I so hope to be eating my words!"
Jake Kocorowski: Wisconsin 41, BYU 9
Jon Beidelschies: Wisconsin 35, BYU 10
Drew Hamm: Wisconsin 41, BYU 13
Owen Riese: Wisconsin 45 BYU 7
Ryan Mellenthin: Wisconsin 45, BYU 10
Bob Wiedenhoeft: Wisconsin 40, BYU 6
Tyler Hunt: Wisconsin 38, BYU 13
Kevin O’Connell: Wisconsin 38, BYU 7


Personally - I never considered the possibility that Wisconsin could lose before the game.  During the game I thought Wisconsin would win, later in the game coming from behind, earlier on by just taking control  - until the last drive of the game, when my doubts began.

Earlier on my son and I were both texting to each other that they deserved to lose and were going to lose if they didn't play better.

Wisconsin - has Jonathan Taylor a Heisman Trophy favorite who had run for a career high 253 yards the previous week against New Mexico.  Taylor carried the ball 26 times for 117 yards - no touchdowns but also no fumbles -  his nemesis.

Squally Canada of Brigham Young - an unknown - carried the ball 11 times for 118 yards and two touchdowns.

Alex Hornibrook, Wisconsin's quarterback in 2017 had completed 18 of 19 passes for 256 yards and 4 touchdowns.   Hornibrook- yesterday horribly underthrew a pass when under no pressure for a costly interception and had no touchdown passes.

On Wisconsin's last drive - they had several times when they ran the ball, eating up time, confident that they could score a field goal to tie the game and take it into overtime if they didn't score a touchdown.    Wisconsin remained confident until their 42 yard field goal attempt finally happened after Brigham Young called 2 timeouts to pressure Wisconsin's usually reliable kicker.

He missed the critical field goal.   Final score Brigham Young 24, Wisconsin 21.

The Bucky's 5th Quarter reviewer - gave grades of:  "D" - for the Offense and "F" for the defense, coaching, and special teams.   Concerning the coaching he accurately stated:

"Wisconsin was handily out-schemed and out-executed. The Badgers made a number of uncharacteristic mental errors including missed tackles, turnovers, and inopportune penalties."

Wisconsin deservedly (or perhaps overly optimistically) dropped from 6th in both polls to 18th and 16th in the new polls today.

Now - was the Wisconsin Football Team - the Pretenders who were exposed or was I in my unjustified confidence The Pretender?

We will see beginning next week - if this was a fluke - terrible effort or if the Badgers are true - Pretenders - exposed.   I don't know!   I couldn't be upset - at the non-call of what looked like a penalty halting the last drive or the missed field goal.   My Badgers deserved to lose.


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