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On September 13, 1993, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Negotiator Mahmoud Abbas signed a Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, commonly referred to as the “Oslo Accord,” at the White House. Israel accepted the PLO as the representative of the Palestinians, and the PLO renounced terrorism and recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace. Both sides agreed that a Palestinian Authority (PA) would be established and assume governing responsibilities in the West Bank and Gaza Strip over a five-year period. Then, permanent status talks on the issues of borders, refugees, and Jerusalem would be held.  ….

In November 1995, Rabin was assassinated by Yigal Amir, an Israeli who opposed the Oslo Accords on religious grounds. Rabin’s murder was followed by a string of terrorist attacks by Hamas, which undermined support for the Labor Party in Israel’s May 1996 elections. ….

((1999)) ->

In Israel’s May 1999 elections, the Labor Party’s Ehud Barak decisively defeated Netanyahu. Barak predicted that he could reach agreements with both Syria and the Palestinians in 12 to 15 months, and pledged to withdraw Israeli troops from southern Lebanon. In September, Barak signed the Sharm al-Shaykh Memorandum with Arafat, which committed both sides to begin permanent status negotiations. An initial round of meetings, however, achieved nothing, and by December the Palestinians suspended talks over settlement-building in the occupied territories.  ….

Thus, by the end of 2000, the prospect of ending the Arab-Israeli conflict looked more distant than it had eight years earlier.


During these secret negotiations in 1993, Israel capitalised on Arafat's weakness in the wake of the Gulf War. …. Arafat entered the negotiations with Israel with few options and even less clout. …. Among Palestinians, supporters of the Oslo Accords reasoned it was a compromise that could lead to peace. …. As the US, European and Arab nations continued to invest their hopes in the talks as a means of producing a final agreement, settlement building in the occupied West Bank tripled, growing at unprecedented rates. ….  The Palestinian leadership has accused Israel of not offering them a viable state, but rather a non-contiguous entity devoid of the natural resources necessary for a functioning economy.


Meanwhile, Israeli leaders have called for the annexation of the entire West Bank, ignoring the rights of its 2.5 million Palestinians living under occupation, along with nearly 2 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip living under Israeli siege.


Yasir Arafat and his successor Mahmood Abbas – have “lead” the Palestinian People in the West Bank since the agreements were concluded in 1993 and 1995 and moved “forward” beyond then.

It appears obvious to me that there is NO Jewish Israel intent to create a just Palestinian State.  For me a “state” includes where at least most of the land mass is not surrounded by other states.

Look at The West Bank on the map below.   An explanation of its situation follows:

The table below shows the three areas:  “A” (grey) (“Palestinian Control”), “B”(Black) (similar except that there is “shared Israeli / Palestinian Authority Security Control” , and “C” – under Israeli Control.



A clearly “Palestinian Friendly” summary of things is shown at:


It provides a lot of maps, numbers and clear conclusions!    One needn’t accept it as 100% “correct”!   I hope that most readers won’t find it tokenly correct, or totally incorrect!

The West Bank includes what I think we might agree are primarily “radical, Orthodox Jewish Settlers”.   Other Jews live in what has become “suburban Jerusalem”.   There are “Israeli Expressways” – that “safely” connect it to “historic Jerusalem”.   These roads are not roads that Palestinians who are not Israeli Citizens can travel on.

I think those of us reading and thinking can now safely be split into fairly distinct groups:

1. 1. (Radical) Anti-Zionists – who see a “Settler-Colonialist” State.   We see major systemic issues that have continued over the past 75 to 100+ years, or

2.   2. Those who are curious – and intend to learn more,

3. 3. Others – who see things as being – 50/50 – both sides at fault,

4. 4. Those who are apathetic,

5.  5. Those who believe that Netanyahu and his government are The Problem – and things will be resolvable when they are no longer in charge,

6. 6. Those who remain proudly Zionist.  Israel is 99+% correct.

AA.  I’m interested in 1. and 2!

BB. I hope that some in 3. and 5. – have or will move to 2.

CC. 4 and 6. – I doubt that this writing has been worth reading.




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