The Lying Rapist and the Courageous Survivor

 (The next morning)

Why is an angry man believable?    (An angry woman is "hysterical".)   Why do so many men (in particular) believe Kavanaugh?   Are we scared of a world where we (may) no longer control?

I'm sickened at the insane way - too many people and more importantly Republican senators may have found a world where Brett Kavanaugh is "right" - despite what seemed to me a horrible, defensive outpouring of gibberish yesterday.


I watched the entire Christine Blasey Ford – Kavanaugh hearings over most of today. 
Blasey Ford was incredible!   She was obviously sincere and totally honest in her responses to questions.   The Republicans use of a prosecutor to speak for each senator seemed very lame and stupid.   While the questioner was outwardly polite, the questions were endlessly drab, limited, seemingly looking for an opening to criticize the witness, while never finding anything.

The Democrats asked decent questions – allowing Ms. Ford to become known and understood.  Blasey Ford – came across as a “normal”, down-to-earth woman who was doing her best under very difficult circumstances.

I don’t recall ever hearing something where one side so obviously dominated the other side.   As the questioning continued, Blasey Ford seemed more and more confident and relaxed.   The Republicans seemed obviously discouraged.
Brett Kavanaugh came out swinging from the beginning!   He appeared aggressive and pitiful, being (in his estimation) the victim of a leftist, Clinton – witch hunt.   From the beginning he didn’t answer questions posed by Democrats.   He interrupted them repeatedly.   He twisted questions he was asked and tried to waste their time repeating similar messages over and over and over again.

Kavanaugh looked uncomfortable and certainly didn’t seem to show any sincerity, though to supporters of him – he obviously said the right things.  As the afternoon went on, the Republicans seemed to come to life in support of their candidate.
It is unclear what the Republican Party will do now with the nomination.  It appears that they will ever ram it through if they stick together – quickly and efficiently.   IF – they lack the votes for passage, it will be over until after the elections.
IF Kavanaugh is voted onto the Supreme Court it will be a bitter loss for the Battered Women/Rape Survivor Community.   It will further prove to survivors – that speaking up and confronting violence will not work.   We must hope that a few Republicans will have some wholesomeness and that a crazy situation will have a decent – deserved conclusion.

I naively thought that we’d moved beyond the White Male Primacy – that was so evident this afternoon.  Hopefully – the Supreme Court will be saved from this Angry White Man – and people will support Democrats most strongly in 5-6 weeks when the elections take place.  Thanks!


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