PLAN C - WOW! - July 22, 2023

 PLAN C is an Incredible, Extremely Horrifying Film!   Is is most tellingly a story of some Incredible Women.  They are taking on horrible people who are perpetrating a rapidly disintegrating world.   It is a nightmare of minimizing the value of women and girls, most particularly those who lack the resources to successfully fight back.


Dr. Daniel Grossman, Gilda Gonzales, Tracy Drog Trazos, + Host from Festival

Plan C is also empowering, showing by example how a deep commitment – a lot of caring – cooperation and more can help fight back – and take on the oppression.

Francine Coeytaux is an amazing, driven woman, strongly committed to helping other women, aware, but not intimidated by potential threats of extensive legal action or potential assault from “pro-lifers” (totally sic/k).

Coeytaux’s fellow – co-facilitators – at Plan C work extensively to ensure that women can have control of their own bodies.  They ensure that women are mailed and delivered mifepristone and misoprostol (or misoprostol only, if mifepristone is not available) both in “safe” and “unsafe” states.  Texas is the epicenter of the deception and lies facilitated by its political leadership.

The Sundance Film Festival premiered the film  and today was the San Francisco premier at The Jewish Film Festival.

Loretta Ross is brilliant using her intellect, her cynicism, and deep insights in showing how condescending, racist paternalism is weaponized – as “caring” (sic/k) benevolence.

Anyone who really cares about others will be both horrified by the stories and story and encouraged and moved towards activism through this incredible movie.

Plan C -  - is an organization that we should wholeheartedly support with financial and other support! 

Tracy Droz Tragos - - is a committed, caring thorough film producer – who should be greatly applauded.

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