Pain, Trauma, Fear and Curiosity

 Pain, Trauma, Fear and Curiosity

Can Mingle


Or Not


When one is


By the intensity

Of what space

One is In


I try

To remain curious


Do a pretty good job

When not stuck

In my own Terrors

Or the rabbit holes

Of my distant past


I can’t understand

I can’t know

Not Being

in the Other’s Shoes

I Can Listen

I Can Hear


What Can I Really Hear?

How Trapped?

How Trapped am I,

In my stories of

my past

Are These Stories

Really Deeply Imbedded

in the Generations

of My Ancestors

My Childhood Shaped Me


As I try to Pull

Layer after Layer


There are always

More Layers

More Layers to try

to Uncover


I Am Lucky

that an Important Part

of Me

Can Remain

using the Vestiges

the Depth

of My Privilege

and the Learnings

the Growth


Often Evolve

Primarily Out

of the Depths

of It


The Privilege

Can Shield Me


Thankfully it Doesn’t

Enough of the Time

that I can See

Outside the Box

That Surrounds Me









Is One Benefit

I Have Today

Pushing Outward

Ever Increasingly

Opening Up

Little Cracks

that Can lead

to More and More Cracks

-       I Know

-       That I Know

Very Little – Less Apparently

Or it appears so

The More I Know

The More I Know

How Little I Know




Another Side

I See

Is Trauma Induced Fear


Beyond Me

The Pain

Is So,

So Deep


That – the Trauma’s

Depths of Pain




In Fear

Where Curiosity

is Lost


I Try

Others Try

Moving Along

Their Paths

Some – Intersection

of Some

with Parts

of Me

My Chance(s)

are Out There


I Am Out There

I Am In Here

Do I Know?

No, it is a Pathway

A Pathway – through

The Curves of the River

Increasing its Momentum

Sometimes, Slowed

by the Mud

That Slows Me


It is My Path

It is Not Yours

Your Path

I try to Follow

Learn From

Your Beauty

Your Wisdom


Some of Your Pain

Not Understanding

But Trying


I Am

I Be

I Will

So ….


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