I don’t know,

I really don’t know

I really, really don’t know


Possession of Another Person

What does it mean?

To Possess Another Person?


has been illegal since the 1860’s

But Then

Were Women Enslaved Until Recently?

Are Women often Enslaved Today

in the USA?

What Does it Mean, that:

One can be easily Killed

for  - take your pick:


Refusing to be Sexual (ly Assaulted)

-       (by another)

Being: an immigrant, gay, lesbian, trans

for eliciting (often not really) fear

In Another -

Police and other Militarized Realities can

Generate Fear

S/he Might Have a Gun - They

Do Have a Gun

Which may be a cell phone or


A lot of things - perhaps made of cardboard

Or Paper Even

What Gives Me The Right

To Have Sex with You


Or Anytime, Anywhere

What is “Power”?

What is “Possession”?

What is Fear -

What is “My Fear”

Is it Ancestral?

Have I not “healed”

from - The Civil War - Generationally?

Have I not “healed”

from - the Generations of Genocide

Christians killed and

Threatened to Kill

Us - Because we are Jewish

I (too) can be Jealous

Jealousy - is Normal

Hatred - Possession - Hurting Another

is Pathological

Though Normative

Possession - Coming from Fear -

Using Hatred

While Commonly Coming

From Men

Against Individual Women

Often White men

Against White Women


Can Easily Come

From Individuals

of Any Gender

Against Others

Of Any Gender

Power Over

Comes From

Power - the Ability

to Possess

Another - Human

Mothers - Against

Their Children

Adult Children

Against Aging Parents

Teachers Against Students

Therapists Against Their Clients

We Hear

of - the Most Noted Assaults

Such as:

At Penn State and Michigan State U’s

We Don’t Hear

of “the Disappeared” -

Such as -

The Black Women of Chicago

Lacking Privilege

Many, Many of Them

Not a Trace

In the End,


We Must Have

and Share



Confront the Hatred-

The Privileged

and Hurting Possession

of Others -


It will continue to Kill

and Devastate

Us All!


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