To Be Who I Want To Be


To Be

Who I want to be

My Path

is one of doing

a lot of listening


Hearing the Voices

of the wisdom of many others


Younger – often clearer – voices

as well as being

In my Spirit

Hearing (and living within) my Heart

in varying ways

Often – the new images

Questioning – that

Which I’ve often

Taken for Granted

Experiencing and Really Feeling

The Pain

The Hurt

My Losses

My Hopes


I am

Very Lucky

The images

of a soft hand – grasp/tap

A smile

Amazing New Neighbors

Neighborhood – New

and Wonderful


I learn every day

How Little I really know

I try to take in

New Images,

New Hopes,

While Appreciating the Challenges

Partnering – with my Love

Partnering – also with a few close allies


More – many more

Who Teach Me a Lot!

I am lucky!

(this morning) 4000 lifts – of my weights

My heart rate – pushed to

A reputed high of 161 beats, per minute

Much More Significantly

Is the Kindness, as well as Challenges

So Many Others

Give to Me



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