Jazz Fest 2022

A Great Intro:  Tribute to Aaron and Charles Neville

Red Hot Chili Peppers

I must be the only one on the planet who is barely familiar with RHCP!   They were enjoyable - talented - motivating - but not fully in alignment with me somehow.

Blues Tent - Treat

85 year old - delight!   Clarence Henry used three distinctive singing voices : his normal voice, a high falsetto shriek and a deep voice that he created by inhaling and singing at the same time, earning him the "Frogman" nickname.

He also is a delightful - down-to-earth man - appreciating the attention we gave him.

Wanda's musical career has been greatly influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Dinah Washington, and Ellyna Tatum. Dubbed "The Sweetheart of New Orleans," Wanda is one of the city's premier musical ambassadors. 

How much fun to discover that the book I'm reading now - is relevant to the show.  Of course - the short singer, who I thought must be the "new addition" is the older of the two sisters in the group (their third original member died fairly recently).

Luther Kent

This festival staple belts out the blues standards calmly and beutifulfully.

Mem Shannon

Not flashy, but enjoyable!

I stayed only for a few numbers, just not being in the mood for his melodic, powerful Zydeco music.

He looked older than his years, but his music was alive and warm.   Watching him was a nice respite in the Blues Tent - from the intense sun.

While the Music is Amazing, The Beauty of the Festival is the Relationships - The Time With Others,  the wonderful food, and the shared time with many wonderful fellow Festival attendees.

Mr. Pickles

"You can call me Pickles" (quoth Mr. Pickles)

The most touching moments I've had this year are far, far different from past festivals!

A wonderful Surprise!

I LOVE - Frankie Beverly and Maze - 99% Black audience
after Jimmy Buffet's 99% white audience - much more meaningful here for me!

Nacheaux - bonded very, very quickly Friday with my partner B, and has been very, very sweet to both her and to me.  He is a warm, loving person, who takes in others - building community - where a variety of people, some self-perceived "outcasts", feel welcome - in a part of his world.   Unfortunately, the pictures I've taken of him and of his flag, have not been good enough to post here.  I will get some better ones at next week's performances.


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