Hearing and Taking in Difficult Truths

 A significant number of us are progressive (usually white) people living in an upper-middle class world where we see a horrible divide between radical right wing - often Republican - politicians and followers, and we - people who value loving caring relationships with others.  

We are united in opposing racism in the United States.  We recognize that racism is primarily systemic, not personal, and that it has existed for 400+ years.

We are united in supporting women and girls freely having control of their own bodies, including where desired (necessary) legal, safe abortions.

We are united in recognizing the dangers of global warming, and the needs to slow and end doing things that further endanger the survival of all.

We are united in recognizing the dangers of Covid, and see the need for vaccinations, and where further necessary, masking and other efforts to protect all from Covid's dangers.

We are strongly supportive of a democratic state where all citizens are encouraged to vote.

It is obvious to us that Joe Biden fairly won the 2020 presidential election.


We differ on nuances and sometimes even important things such as believing in the Democratic Party and/or the degree of major changes that are needed in our country.


I am troubled, deeply troubled, by one area of divide amongst many of us.   Many of those who concern me are Jewish, as I am.   Others are of other faiths or of no faith.

We can, of course, disagree amongst ourselves about some issues related to Palestinians and The State of Israel.   

Where I am deeply troubled is where we Americans do not see how Palestinians are not accepted as being the equals of others.   Where Americans do not see Palestinians as equals, we often accept the popular narratives that says basically:

There is a conflict in the Middle East between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians where both sides need to give more than they've given so far to allow for a lasting peace.


The leadership of Israel has been reasonable, and lasting peace is not possible until Palestinians change significantly.   Until then, the status quo of Israel ruling over The West Bank and supporting an autonomous Gaza, despite its brutal leadership by Hamas, is the only reasonable alternative.


I acknowledge that we can disagree upon some things related to Israel and the Palestinians.

Some of us believe that a "Jewish Israel" should exist, though we may differ upon what that means.

Some of us believe that a "Two State Solution" remains possible and desirable.

Some of us believe that a "Single Democratic State" is the only viable option.   

Some of us believe that a Palestinian State (alone) should exist.   Some who believe in a single Palestinian State (alone) recognize the importance of such a state fully recognizing the rights of Jewish residents of Israel as a respected minority population.


We all must deal with our individual and collective traumas!   As Jews, we've been traumatized historically - by the Holocaust.   We've also been traumatized by the horrific treatment that many of us faced over the centuries, such as in Eastern European Shtetls, as well as being exiled if not converting to Christianity, and much more.

Within many Jewish communities we are pressured to fully accepted the dominant narratives.   Where we express doubts, we often face threats that we will essentially be "expelled" from our home community.

The strongest "Zionists" - in reality are the followers of Pastor John Hagee - within Christians United for Israel - https://cufi.org/people/pastor-john-hagee/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1ZeUBhDyARIsAOzAqQJGFOIyAo5DXrwQ2YS0jGcpMK5oD-BjTjVGyiDij9Df3V3jEPxckgoaAl92EALw_wcB - and others who view things similarly.  

They wield far more power and influence than Jewish Organization!  They (or many of them in any case) also believe that when Jesus Christ returns that all those who do not believe as "true believers" in him will be damned to everlasting punishment.


Realities - such as were noted in:  https://www.georgemarx.org/2022/05/shireen-important-caring-words.html - related to Shirleen Abu Aqlah - are not mere "illusions" or similar.  One may disagree with particular alleged details, perhaps, however the fact that the Israeli Government rescinded its claim that she was killed by a Palestinian sniper are telling.

The quantity of "alleged" killings, acts of torture, harassment, burning of fields and killings of animals, land seizures and much more is simply overwhelming.   Some may allege that there are "exaggerations" of some incidents, however denying the reality of systemic - unequal and to a significant degree unfair treatment seems at least "highly plausible" - if not overwhelmingly obvious.

I am troubled!   I am expected to and do feel sad and upset when I hear of Jews killed by Palestinians in places like Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!

What troubles me most, however, is the lack of compassion shown for Palestinian victims!   The disparity of numbers is simply overwhelming!

The killings from all Hamas rocket and missile launches in total  - into Israel are miniscule in comparison to the Palestinians killed - by Israeli air attacks upon Gaza, omitting the killings by "settlers" and other types of killings.   The numbers do not lie!


I recognize that Israelis and American Jews - feel pain - and have real trauma!

Our memories and stories - related to the Holocaust are real!

I think, though, that we ought to have similar caring and support for what is done in our name as Jews - and in the name of Israeli's - for non-Jews!


As I wrote about recently at:


and further back at:

https://www.georgemarx.org/2019/03/dr-marc-lamont-hill-american-muslims.html - 

I have experienced upon multiple occasions the warm humanity of Palestinian (generally Muslim) people!

I hope that soon - the changes that are occurring will grow to the point - that we will respect Palestinians - and then, perhaps, WE - will be able to help create a lasting peace!  

Palestinians can not "do it" in a way that Black People can not end racism, and women can not end rape!

Thank You!


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