Our Paths as White Men


We are white men

Many, if not Most of us

Have been significantly affected by:

Hurt, Pain and sometimes Trauma


Where we are reeling

in the Moment

From a Death, a Deep Wound or Similar

We May Seek Respite or to Escape


I will Support

You Getting Help –

for the Moment


IF – you Feel –

You Must Begin a Journey

Of Healing:


I see Two Clear Paths:

1.   Where You will Move on a Long Term Path of Reflection and Healing:

I wish you Luck on Your Journey

2.   Where Your Path – Reaches Beyond Yourself –

Recognizing the Need to Grow

While – Pushing Yourself into New,

Challenging Territory

Sharing Your Journey

Caring Also for Others –

 who May have had

Superficially Similar Issues – with:

More Challenging Paths due to Things Like:

a.    The Color of Their Skin

b.   A Gender Identity – different from Your Own

c.    A Lack of Economic Privilege

We can Perhaps – Learn from Each Other

Not in a Cocoon of our White-Maleness

But Rather

In Worlds of Growth

Helping Sustain Others

As Well as Ourselves –

Sharing Our Selves

With Each Other

As We Help Build

A Better World

For All!



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