I Was on an Island

 I was on an island

Enjoying or trying

to enjoy the breeze

The other People there

were talking, sharing

stories and more

that mystified me.

They cared,

 they told me this in a multitude of ways,

Their Comfort 

in Sharing their Truths


Most Important


a Sliver

While missing the Bison

Dying - with No Food

They spoke and moved

Around each other

Waging Philosophical

Never Threatening  - 

Never Being Threatening

Among them were Others

a Little Different in My Mind

Better Yes - 

in Some Moment

but They minimized and seemingly Eliminated

The Walls I saw

Intelligence - Yes

Hearts - and Heart Felt Warmth


a Small Piece was there

A Few Spoke Significant Truths


Their Words - stayed Calm

and Collected

Not Threatening

All Else - that Surrounded Them


It isn't Pretty

It appears to be Very Ugly

I weep

I try to move towards Struggling

but Always

I'm not quite there - 

But I really Try

I Live in Some Discomfort


There are Lessons I Can Begin

to Learn

Being a Weirdo - 

One - Who Outwardly

Looks - LIke Them

the Vipers

Trying to Move

More Deeply 

Into my Heart

I Am Blessed

to have My Opportunity

to evolve - to continue to Evolve

Fumbling too often

But Also - 

Taking in the Misty Spray

The mystical Truths

Crooked Pieces of Them

at Last

The Children

Bring Hope

Some Others

Another Tribe

are - different 

From Me

But Very Good

in the Waves

For So, So Long

I was totally lost

in the abyss of

a Shattering Mind

Now - a Light Growing 


The Tunnel - is Long

But the Light - 

is Incredibly Wonderful

The Opportunity

I appreciate

The Path

Not Always There

My Granddaughter


May Have the Peace

That Others and I


So Wonderful, a Chance

To Really Be!


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