(Still) Mighty Mitch and (Often) Little Joe

- Joe Biden pushed for a bi-partisan infrastructure plan recently.   Just when an agreement appeared to solidify, he assured (reluctant) liberal Democratic politicians that he'd veto the legislation unless his other desired plans were also passed.   

Very, very strangely - the Republicans - with only the five - initially committed senators supporting the compromise plan, began back-pedaling.   Here they are sticking their neck out, and still need to find at least five more to support them, and they are stabbed in he back.

How much intelligence does it take to know that:

1. There will not be 10 Republican senators that will not only support the compromise infrastructure plan, and will also support additional legislation which contains an almost certain raising of taxes on wealthy Americans to fund additional infrastructure areas and,

2. The dynamic Democratic senatorial duo - of Manchin and Sinema - are not going to loyally stick with the newly energized Joe for a second expanded infrastructure plan.

So we have the logic:   

A is too big - can't get 60 votes, but somehow we think if we package A as:

B + C (=A) - if we can get the 60 votes for B, we will get the 60 votes for C.

Meanwhile - Mighty Mitch - is laughing, laughing, laughing!   He doesn't need to do anything!

It seems extremely obvious to me that:

1. There was no certainty - under the best of circumstances that 60 votes would support the compromise plan,

2. Mitch - might well - help fix things so that there were perhaps 57-59 votes - but protect the Republican power - under the best of circumstances,

3. Now it will be much more difficult to get 60 votes for any plan!

4. Liberal Democrats - were - caught in a bind- and Biden was trying to reach them.   If he reached a few, he just lost them - with his about-face move

5. Slow Joe - needs to learn - when to open his mouth publicly, and when things need to be done quietly behind the scenes.   It seems that after his 36 years as a senator, 8 years as vice president, and four years watching the Donald in action, he's had enough time to learn (and is unlikely to learn in the coming months).

Mitch - knows - so much, compared to Slow Joe!   Lies - don't matter!   Deception is important and necessary!   Relying upon innuendo and fears is important!

Will Joe - muddle through this?   It's unclear!   There is a danger of things dragging out and dragging out or the Republican's who've worked with him pulling back and blaming him for the failure.

Failure is easy!   Joe - may fail - or he may survive with a victory.  Time will tell!


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