I just finished listening to the 51 minute podcast:  Himpathy.   I've been crying a lot - while listening, even though I had various distractions during much of my listening.

I am not a rapist!

I am, however, complicit in the rape culture which I live in!

Little that I heard was new to me.   At the same time, I've never heard the key issues regarding men, women - and rape and sexual assault brought together so fully and completely.

It is overwhelming me in this moment!   It is good - for me - to hear - really hear these words.   It is painful.   I can not know - what it is to be a woman.   I can not know what it is to live fearing sexual assault from men - like me.

To the present, I can not know what it like to be a survivor of rape and sexual assault.

I can hear - a lot!   It is painful.  It is important for me to take in as much as I can.

I recommend listening to the Podcast - if one will not be too triggered to do so!  

It is at:  https://www.sceneonradio.org/episode-53-himpathy-men-part-7/

I also highly, highly recommend watching the amazing movie: Promising Young Woman.   Please - read my review of it at: http://georgesworldonthewater.blogspot.com/2021/01/promising-young-woman.html  .

Thank You!


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