Being in My Spirit


Being Present


and having so many Choices

Is my space safe?

Is my space open?

What is “safe”?

Is it “safe” to Listen – always?

Does it go beyond Safety?

I am approaching age 70

My time feels Precious Now

Being Precious is Different

Including – much that isn’t deep or necessarily Important

It has – though

An Important Part

I can not readily define

It is a Spirit

A Spirit of Life

Lies – don’t belong

Waste – sometimes doesn’t belong


Must be Life Affirming

or at least

Allowing Me to Breathe

The Spirits go Deep

Some Voices stifle my Breath

It can, for example be like

Groundhog Day


Over and Over

Stopping My Breath

How do I Separate

That – which feels Toxic

(perhaps only Toxic for me)

From that

Which is Uncomfortable to Hear

The Uncomfortable

Can be Important – to Hear

I Need to Really Listen

Slowing – my Self

When I do this

I will Know

for the Moment

It can make me sad

Closing off

From Another

Either in the Moment

Or in Totality

-         It can hurt

It is Important

When Listening

Really Listening

To Trust

To Trust Myself

To Be

In My Spirit

To Love My Spirit

To Be 


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