Who Am I?


I don’t know

I really don’t know

I care

Caring isn’t enough

It’s complicated

Moving forward seems very unclear

Trying to acknowledge past horrific errors I’ve made

Trying to better understand myself

Am I capable of being ….

Who am I?

Who should I be?

What should I do with my inconsistencies?

What about my physical pain?

What about my age?

Do I need to be alone?

Am I still emotionally alone?

Are there blinders in front of me?

Where are the flowers?

Where are the gentle waves?

Where is the warmth?

What about my passions?

What about other(s)?

Am I “the autistic one” or


One who has varying significant parts?

Where am I flexible?  

Where inflexible?

What is ultimately fulfilling?

Am I listening?

Will I continue to listen if I am listening?

Will I start to listen if I am not listening?

Overlapping – blending – is very hard for me

I am trying

I hope that I will succeed


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