I Cry at Injustice and Courage


I am crying now

I cried a lot



Like all Israeli youth, Atalya is obligated to become a soldier.

Unlike most, she questions the practices of her country’s military, and becomes determined to challenge this rite of passage. Despite her family’s political disagreements and personal concerns, she refuses military duty and is imprisoned for her dissent.


Feelings, Thoughts

A Lot – on my mind

Atalya is a brave, wonderful young woman

Her courage in opposing

The Israeli Occupation

-      In contrast to what

Family Members

besides a brother

thought was best for her.

She has a loving, caring family

She has an awareness

That her journey,

Though hard

Is far, far, far easier

than that of her Palestinian allies

She chose –

Before making her major decision

To visit – Palestine (not “The West Bank”)

Learning for Herself

of the Horrific Oppression

that is done,

In Our Name

She sees the Humanity

of Palestinians

and the Inhumanity

of The Israeli Establishment

She Moved her Parents

Through Her Courageous Actions

and others

and did

So Much More


I began watching the Movie

in a lot of (physical) pain

The pain subsided as

My feelings spread out wide

I am Not doing Enough

I will do More

The pain returned

My tears stopped briefly

as I recovered again


Memories Brought Up:


has a loving, caring

connected Family

and Base

within herself

She spoke of


(connected) Palestinian allies



Their homes


by Israeli Force(s)


for Example:

The Smoke

from the tiny,

impoverished People

Bothered the Nearby

Lush Settler Community


My Growth

was very much

Emotionally Alone



At Age 17

I spent three weeks

In Israel

In 1968 – one year after the ’67 War

We were on the first (Jewish) tour

to stay in East Jerusalem

I went out each Evening

in the Dark, Alone

walking without Fear

to West Jerusalem

-      Those “fearful Arabs”

Were not Scary – in my (limited) world,

I applied for Conscience Objector Status

At 18

(as was denied her)

Spending parts of 18 months


It was accepted on a Technicality

-      No big sacrifice here

Becoming Later Opposed to

The Occupation


From Within – not “going along with others”

It took no Bravery

Nor Major Sacrifice


I will work – with more effort

For the Humanity of Us All

Supporting the Palestinians

As they are a  part of

our (my at least) Heart(s)

As they are


(the significant majority I mean)


The Terror

The Horror

We do to Them

It Moves Me


Palestinian Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter

May we find Peace!


Addendum: 5:25 a.m. Sunday, March 7, 2021

I am crying again

I cried less - this time

Having Just watched

This Powerful Film

a Second Time

Crying - not

out of Impotence


Out of Anger

Out of Hope

I will do More!

Thank You!





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