Feeling a Huge Variety of Thoughts Now

 Feeling a huge variety of thoughts

Now is Painful

Not - in one spot

Reeling - from several

Huge Things

in My Life

Constantly Slowing Down


Another Siege

which sometimes

is something small

Magnified into

Immediate Urgency

Trying to Catch Up

with .......

Sleep Deprived

Trying to Feel Compassion

Trying to Listen and Really Hear

Waves of Flooding Feelings

Realities that are Daunting


I am doing my Best

While Doubting


That things are Real - in this Moment

as well as Myself

Massaging my Mind

While Words

Tear at My Heart



My Pain

is Miniscule

in Ways

to Much 

That is So, so Important

I don't know!


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