Maleness - a Mildly Funny Tale

 Several months ago I began acupuncture treatment for my constipation with L, an experienced therapist.   From the beginning I have been very impressed with her treatment.    She listens very well, asks good questions and is very clear about the challenges that we both face.

Recently her work has seemed to significantly improved things related to "#2", while I have also noted changes related to "#1", that are a little more ambiguous as to whether they are an improvement or not.   It has been relatively simple to explain part of it, relating to how I need to take my time urinating.

Explaining the physiologically feelings while this is going on has been awkward at best.   I am not embarrassed to talk of the issues, but explaining what I am bodily feeling is challenging.    

My therapist is a woman.  I am a man.

She does not have comparable bodily feelings because of the differences in our anatomy.    She readily acknowledges that my explanations are difficult for her to understand because of our differences.

Life is interesting!


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