The Fear of Change

Most of us woke up during the first four months of 2020.

We were shocked by what we saw and felt!
Our world(s) had turned upside down.
Suddenly our social lives were non-existent.
We were told conflicting things by different people
President Trump spoke reasonably consistently that things weren't that bad.
His words, though, went all over the place.
Medical experts spoke very scary words.   Initially they told us both what they knew, and more importantly perhaps a lot that they did not know.
Politicians varied greatly in their messages.   Many of them took things very seriously.   Some, to this day, have mouthed words similar to Trump.   Others went from a state of denial to either a mixed message or in some cases to total recognition of how dire things are.
On top of Covid-19, we face the pressures coming out of the recent noted killings and how various people have reacted with demonstrations and anger.   "Black Lives Matter" means different things to different people.  "De-Fund the Police" seriously angers a lot of people as well as scaring them.
How do we react to what we hear?
Some of us react with anger.    We want to have what we feel we deserve.    We want to be able to see our friends.   We greatly resent that we are told we should not be (physically) close to others.   Being told that we should wear a mask outdoors sounds like a dictator speaking on high.   We see the hypocrisy in many leaders and that makes us angry.
We want a world that we do not have.   We want a security that we do not have.
We need someone to blame.
We blame various people for what we feel has been done to us.
For Covid-19 we blame the Chinese.   We also blame immigrants.    Some of us blame President Trump and other Republican politicians.
Others, also react out of fear, but without the anger.    We are looking at a world of uncertainty in very different ways.   We are concerned.   We seek closeness with others.   We speak of our concerns and learn and grow.    We both welcome "Black Lives Matter" and have concerns as to how major change will evolve and how it will affect us.
We have different worlds in front of us, depending a lot upon how we react to Covid-19 and the killings of George Floyd and other Black people.
Our differing visions  we experience  result in deepening divisions in our country.
Where will we go?   We will see!


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