Happy 2nd Birthday Zoey!

Zoey, our sweet Doodle Poodle has had a nice second birthday today.    She had her special birthday walk, running contentedly on Loyola's campus with abandon.

Zoey tried to play with the Miniature Miniature that could fit in her pocket, but the dog was terrified of other dogs.

Miss Zoey - can be terrified the most - encountering a black plastic garbage bag, blowing in the wind.

Then there is the attempted landing in PoopLand -  where she comes in, but misses the landing strip - and needs to come for a second attempt - one can't be easy!

Miss Z - loves to cruise into sitting young people and get between them where she can get maximal petting and general attention.

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!   You've added a lot to my life!

Beautifully Groomed

Before Grooming - on the couch

Miss Fluff - Show Enuf!

Miss Z - All Curled Up

My Tail is It

It's Not My Fault I Was Shaggy!

I got Fluffy Head

Aren't I Cute!

Of Course I Walk on Water!


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