Evaluating - Donald Trump - Today/2020 Election

Thinking about Donald Trump and the 2020 election is both interesting and disturbing.     I have both theories and questions. 

It is quite clear that Trump lies over and over and over again.   His policies seem to focus significantly on:

1.) Strong support for the wealthy and big business,
2.) Increasing vilification of China, Chinese interests and Chinese-Americans,
3.) Blaming immigrants particularly from Mexico and Central America
4.) Being strongly anti-abortion

Donald Trump repeatedly blames others for his continuing failures confronting the Covid-19 Virus.  The economy today and tomorrow is seen as far more important than the deaths of increasing thousands of people.

While repeatedly commentators and medical experts criticize Donald Trump on all the major networks besides Fox, he remains very popular with Republicans.   His talk of "fake news" seems to resonate with somewhere between 40 and 49% of the American populace according to recent polls.

Donald Trump seems to have varying images including:

1.)  Ego-maniac,
2.)  Incompetent idiot
3.)  Racist, sexist, homophobic, Anti-Semitic etc.
4.)  Sadistic deranged individual
5.)  Anti-establishment hero
6.)  "One of us"
7.)  The "least bad" option

It seems that many of us repeatedly ridicule Donald Trump, while others strong support him.   What seems most important to me is that Donald Trump be defeated in the 2020 election, and if necessary that he be forcibly removed from power.

Donald Trump seems to be incredibly good at appealing to the fears of many people!     Emotions seem most important to his followers.   They excuse many things about him and/or deny that they are real.

It is obvious to me that Donald Trump will do all that he can to to remain as president beyond 2020.

Joe Biden will need to make it through the current  sexual assault allegations of Tara Reade, without destroying his own reputation.  I think that he will succeed.

More problematic is the winning of the 2020 election.   Currently it looks like Biden will win key states like Pennsylvania and Michigan and will be the likely victor.

Things could change.

I believe that it is really important that the democrats be united.  In addition it seems important that the independents, "liberal Republicans", and "conservative Democrats" in the key states feel strongly that Donald Trump has betrayed them.    They need to feel that he doesn't care about them.   They need to feel that the American people have been let down.

We will see what happens.   I think, though, that it will take more than:  "the facts say ..."  and/or that "Trump is an idiot".



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