I Feel Compassion

I feel compassion for my beloved B!    She has sarcoidosis, an immune disorder most common in Black Women from the Southeast.   It compromises her lungs, making her a very high risk currently.   I can not possibly feel how scary it is!

I feel compassion for the people of the West Side in Chicago - the 50% of those tested at St. Anthony's Hospital, who test positive for Covid-19.

I feel compassion for their loved ones, who don't have 1300 square foot apartments to spread out in.   I feel compassion for the staff, who risk their lives every day working tirelessly to help.

I feel compassion for M and his beloved G, and their families.   G had surgery for a brain tumor a month ago and suffered a major stroke, limiting her feeling in one half of her body, making speech most difficult.   M, who I've known since his birth, is facing his 50th birthday in a few weeks, the same day as my 69th, having been forced to leave his beloved, when she was transferred from one hospital to another, because of the Virus related procedures.

I feel compassion for my cousin R, and his two siblings, who were the sole mourners at the funeral of their mother, with only a rabbi from the cemetery also present, to protect them from their children and other loved ones.

I feel compassion for a lot of people, who have lives that are much more complicated and difficult than mine.    They may have been raped, because of their race and gender, with no recourse.    They have asthma, diabetes, and perhaps nightmares related to what they have faced and are facing in their lives.

I care about many, many others!    They are facing compromised lives now, through no direct fault of their own.     My feelings are different - for them.   I try to have compassion for myself, as well as others, but often find it more difficult.    Our struggles seem different.    

My Asperger's isn't crippling, and I get some help in trying to learn how to better deal with it.  I'm not facing suicidal ideation,  severe depression and anxiety disorder, and other conditions, while also being a Black male, who may be killed at any time, because  I am "scary".

My constipation is troubling, but I've gotten excellent medical care and most of the time it is not painful.

I am able to exercise every day and do my best to keep my heart condition at bay.

Life is good!    Zoey - is a great companion - along with B, who loves me very dearly!  I am blessed to have an incredibly wonderful granddaughter who is getting spoiled rotten as her parents care for her at home every day.

(A Stand-In for Zoey)

Compassion and Caring are Different - Both Important!   Thanks!


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