Ruthie Foster - an Amazing Musician I Adore!

We took the train from Chicago to St. Louis solely to see Ruthie Foster perform last night.   It was a trip well worth making!

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Clayton Jones was a wonderful surprise playing as the warm-up act before Ruthie came on.  His wonderful voice was quickly demonstrated as his set began.    His singing is most versatile on his all original songs.   I would highly recommend this St. Louis musician, who also plays the guitar and keyboards excellently.

Ruthie Foster is a wonderful, incredible musician!   She is gentle, mellow and smooth, with occasional rough edges.    She is also powerful and  a very strong individual!

Foster’s music is a blending of gospel, r&b, blues, folk, country and soul.   She sang songs of Rosetta Tharp, Mavis Staples, Mississippi John Hurt as well as an encore which I think was an Earth Wind and Fire song as well as her own songs.    Her singing is magnificent!   Her guitar playing is often subtle, but is also excellent.


Samples of Foster's music include:




World Stage: January 27, 2017, Ring of Fire, (she sang it) and TMC Presents Ruthie Foster LIVE .  




Scottie Miller on keyboards and mandolin is a most able, wonderful match to Ruthie Foster and clearly they both are very, very comfortable playing together.   Her bass player and drummer are only notable in that they complete the band ably with backup vocals also helping add to the melodic strength of the performance.

Ruthie Foster also spoke to us in a folksy nice manner.   She talked about collecting green stamps in their books as a child, which I could relate to for example.

I love a lot of music!   Ruthie Foster is certainly one of my favorites.   Her music has a spiritual, deep feeling to it.  She talks with humor and depth, clearly expressing her roots in Black American in a way that connects with us white folks also.

On a side note, supper last night was at Blueberry Hill near Washington University.   

Besides its reasonably priced, sizable menu, it also has the most incredible collection of memorabilia of popular culture I’ve seen anywhere!   Their poster collection of concerts alone is amazing!


Photo by Mary Keating Bruton


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