Michael Franti and Spearhead - WOW!

Michael Franti

At Levitate Music & Arts Festival - 2019

Michael Franti's selfie of the two of us

I discovered Michael Franti at the 2011 New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival and have loved his music since then.   I saw him a second time at a large venue south of Seattle where his band was playing before Santana.    This third time I saw him play was by far the most fun as I stood about 10 feet from the center of the stage.

On Multiple occasions Franti invited audience members to join him on the stage.

Franti joined us in the audience a number of times, including climbing up to the balcony on one occasion.

Franti shared pictures of his family life.

Baby Taz is clearly a very important part of his life.

With his Baby Taj

Franti's wife joined him late in the show.

A humorous image.

Little Michael Franti

With his bride

An entire video focused on ending killings in the U.S.

School Picture


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