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I attempted with three repeated efforts to post on Craiglist mention of Organizing White Men for Collective Liberation (OWMCL) - see: https://www.facebook.com/organizingwhitemen4collectiveliberation/  and our effort to build a chapter in Chicago.   My initial posting may have violated (not helpful) guidelines Craigslist has.   I requested  with the second posting asking that a response to my posting which "the N word" was the central core of be removed, and the entire posting and response were removed.   I posted it a third time and a response stating that Black People were the true racists and my posting were both removed.

I brought up issues with racism that happened when we were in high school 50 years ago as well as a recent incident I was a part of with classmates (without naming names) with my classmates via email and on Facebook.   I was told that I was making people uncomfortable and that "politics" should be left out of our communication.

"Politics" evidently is the potential dangers that my step-child faces because they are Of Color and not "normal" in their appearance gender-wise.   "Politics" clearly is the "micro-aggressions" that my  wife faces nearly daily living as a Black Woman.

We, as men, seem to have basic responsibilities to be able providers and similar.   We lack the responsibility to end our rape and other abuse of others who are different from us.   We have no need to speak up and end the abuse.

The lake gives me energy
The lake gives me peace.

I am slowly learning
Not to Rush

The wonder of my exercise - early morning
Pushing my body
So, so hard
Feeling Strong - a nice change
Building my breath, my muscles, my spirit


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