George Marx vs. Miller Transportation: An Indictment, But They Have No Convictions

George Marx vs. Miller Transportation
An Indictment with No Convictions

Brief Explanation as to What Transpired:
1.  On March 7, 2019 when riding on a bus outwardly labeled “Greyhound”, which was operated by The Miller Transportation Company, I was confronted by the bus driver, after an unscheduled stop.

2.  The bus driver stated words to the effect of:
“You must get off of the bus immediately.   We do not tolerate language derogatory to black people.”  He was accompanied by the woman who sat in front of me, who obviously was the complainant.

3.  I and the young lady I was talking to protested, indicating that my language had not been derogatory to black people.

4.  The driver talked with us and neighboring passengers.   The woman who had complained talked further with the driver and was moved.  We continued to Chicago.

5 .  On March 8, 2019 I filed an oral complaint with Mr. Reginald (“Reggie”) Addy of the Miller Transportation Company concerning what had transpired on March 7, 2019.

6.  Mr. Addy listened to my statement and responded in a totally unnecessarily defensive, confrontational manner to my words.

7.  After numerous follow-up attempts, including contact with Greyhound Bus Lines and The Indiana Department of Transportation, with no response from The Miller Transportation Company, a written determination was made on May 1, 2019 with an email from Mr. Reginald Addy which acknowledged the incident, but denied that the bus driver had ordered that I leave the bus.

8.  I responded to the determination and subsequent communication with Mr. John Miller, the President of Miller Transportation Company stating in part through email:
I have been seeking three things:
    A.  An education of the driver, with no discipline, as to how to handle similar situations in the future,
    B. Action taken towards Mr Addy.  He was rude, acting inappropriately on March 8th when he could simply have been “matter of fact” then. and
    C. An apology related to both 1. and 2. above.”

9.  Mr. John Miller then stated via email on May 2, 2019 in part:
“I have my days with Reggie as well.
I will need to learn more to address.”
10.  Having heard nothing further, on May 14, 2019, I sent a follow-up email to Mr. Miller.   As of May 18, 2019, I have heard nothing (more).
Additional Concerns:

The Greyhound Bus Company must be in contract with the Miller Transportation Company.   The bus I rode stated “Greyhound” on its outside.   The bus route I traveled on from Lafayette, Indiana to Chicago is on Greyhound’s online schedule.

Contact with Greyhound resulted in Ms. Shirley Jones, Customer Care Supervisor, unsuccessfully trying to reach Mr. Reginald Addy.   He did not return her phone calls (as he did not return mine).    Ms. Jones indicated to me that this was a Miller issue, not a Greyhound issue.

Greyhound Bus lines should seriously consider whether their contract with Miller Transportation is in their best interests.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is in contract with Miller Transportation.   Although they do not subsidize the route that I traveled on, they do subsidize Miller Transportation for other bus routes.  

The Indiana Department of Transportation should seriously consider whether they should remain in contract with The Miller Transportation Company.

Race and Racism – related to what transpired:

I am white.   Based upon the picture of an older generation of Mr. John Miller’s family on The Miller Transportation website, Mr. John Miller is almost certainly also white.

Most of the other people involved in what happened are black.   The woman who complained about my words is black.   The young woman (I can give you her name and contact information, though I’ve not discussed this matter with her since the 7th of March on the ride) is black.   The other two people who were questioned by the bus driver and were sitting behind me and across the aisle from me are also black.

I suspect that Mr. Reginald Addy is black, though this doesn’t seem significantly relevant in this matter.

The Miller Transportation Company has a zero tolerance policy for riders’ speaking in racially offensive ways with others.   I have repeatedly indicated that I strongly support this policy!

I believe that the woman who complained about my talk about racism and race was entirely sincere in believing that I was talking offensively.   I was talking significantly about Dr. Robin DiAngelo’s writings and speech entitled: “White Fragility”.   I believe that anyone looking at the video (see hyperlink above) will readily see that Dr. DiAngelo’s ideas, which I strongly supported and support, are strongly against racism and if anything “negative about white people” (though I would debate that finding).

The bus driver was entirely correct in confronting the issue related to racism on his bus.   What was wrong, was his immediate presumption that I was, in fact speaking negatively about black people in an offensive manner.   He should have questioned the seatmate I was talking with or me, before making any presumptions.

I wish that the woman who was offended, would have spoken to me related to her concerns.   Unfortunately, she didn’t say anything to me; only to the bus driver.  The bus driver was clearly taken aback when I told him that my wife is black.

I do not believe that the bus driver should be disciplined.   I believe that the proper way to handle similar situations in the future should be discussed with him.

Miller Transportation Company

The actions (and inactions) of both Mr. Reginald Addy and Mr. John Miller of The Miller Transportation Company have shown little respect for me.   Due to deregulation there are no effective ways I can confront what has gone on.

Mr. Addy was unnecessarily confrontative of me when taking my complaint.    He indicated to me that they would need to get a statement from the driver (entirely reasonable).   He also indicated that the driver would clearly disagree as to what transpired.   This was entirely wrong to say to me.

Mr. Addy also told me that they had every right to remove me from the bus without any questioning of me or other passengers sitting near me.   He told me that the police could have been called and that they would have removed me without any questioning as to what went on.

Subsequent to the taking of my complaint, Mr. Addy was entirely unresponsive to me.    On the one occasion when I reached him by phone, he told me that they had not gotten a response from the driver yet.   On multiple other occasions he did not respond to messages left for him or email inquiries as to the status of my claim.   

He never provided a status report on my complaint.

On May 1, 2019 he finally provided a written response to my complaint only after I had complained to the Indiana Transportation Commission and their representative Mr. Larry Buckel had called him.   Previously, he had not responded to messages left for him by Ms. Shirley Jones of Greyhound Bus Lines.

Mr. Miller indicated to me in his first email message that I should give him a chance and denied having received a voicemail message I had previously left for him.   It is now 16 days after his second email message and two days after a follow-up email I sent to him.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Miller Transportation

From Me:  March 8, 2019

PLEASE - forward this to whomever is handling my customer complaint that I filed with Mr. Reginald Addy of Miller Transportation (502) 368-5644 at approximately 8:00 a.m. Central time on March 8, 2019 regarding treatment by the driver on the bus from Lafayette, Indiana to Chicago, IL leaving Lafayette at 9:00 p.m. on March 7, 2019 (details on my ticket and self should be below).

I wish to recount a second time what happened, though I believe one detail I furnished to Mr. Addy was inadvertently incorrect.    In retrospect I believe that based upon the woman who sat in front of me (she was the only passenger sitting in the two seats that were in front of me) complaining to the bus driver, he stopped the bus at a gas station that was not a scheduled stop for the bus (the bus subsequently stopped at Merrillville, Indiana some time later).

The bus driver came to me and his first words were something like:

"You need to get off of the bus. "   I can not recall exactly what he said after this or whether the complaining passenger spoke next, but it was stated to me that I was talking about Black people and that what I said was offensive.

I concur completely, 100%, that the driver should have investigated the complaint of the passenger.  I agree 100% in the zero tolerance policy Miller Transportation has for not allowing offensive behavior by passengers.

I DO NOT agree, however, with the actions of the driver in initially ordering me to leave the bus!!!

i believe that he should have either:

1.) Asked the young woman who sat next to me (who is Black) one or more questions to determine the veracity of the complainants complaint, or
2.) Asked me questions concerning what had transpired or
3.) Asked questions of multiple passengers who sat adjacent to my seat similar to 1.) above

I protested being ordered to leave the bus.   The young woman I was talking with indicated to the driver that what i was saying was not offensive.   The driver asked others sitting adjacent to me if what I had said was offensive.  All of them said either that they didn't hear what I had said or that it was not offensive.

The complainant asked the driver if she could be moved so she was not sitting next to me.  She was subsequently moved.

I was initially, at least, talking with the young woman (she was the only person I had talked with) next to me about my blog writing entitled: "Can Black People Be Racist?"    The young woman initially said to me that Black people could be racist.   I tried to explain to her why I believed that Black people could not be racist, based upon my definition of racism.   I explained to her that every Black person who had read my writing had agreed with my assertion.   i also indicated that she might find the YoutTube video: "White Fragillity" interesting.  I explained that it indicated that racism among White people was structural, not a matter of individuals being "racist' or "not racist" in that we learn racism growing up in the U.S. and are inevitably racist due to the world we live in.

If you wish to talk with the passenger who sat next to me I can tell you the following about her:

(personal information – omitted – was in original – can be furnished upon request)

Mr. Addy indicated that you will rely upon video footage to establish what happened.   I am totally comfortable with that to the degree that it shows what words were said, when.

I want to reiterate several things that are important to me:

1. I agree that the driver should have investigated the complaint,
2. The driver's first words to me were that I needed to leave the bus (immediately).
3. I believe that the driver should have minimally investigated the complaint doing more than taking the allegation from the complainant and NOT ordered me to leave the bus SOLELY based upon the complaint of the complainant,
4. I DO NOT want the driver disciplined for his behavior which I believe was inappropriate,
5. I DO WANT the driver educated as to the proper way(s) to deal with similar complaints in the future,

Additionally, I believe that Mr. Addy spoke inappropriately to me regarding the incident in indicating that there are "two side to the story" and that he had only heard one side of the story.  He also indicated that the driver had the right to kick me off the bus solely based upon the statement of the complainant.    He also indicated that the driver could have called the police and the police then would have removed me from the bus solely based upon the compaint (without listening to my side of the story or questioning anyone else).  He indicated that these rights were all in the legal rights Miller Transportation has.

I believe that it would have been appropriate for Mr. Addy to tell me that you will interview the driver and look at the video footage of the incident.   I believe that he unnecessarily made our conversation adversarial.

Based upon my experience on the bus last evening, my first Greyhound/Miller ride in at least 30+ years, absent a positive response from you I will certainly not ride on one of your buses again and will file a complaint with The Surface Transportation Board (at a minimum).   Even if you have the legal authority to do what was done, it is not good customer service and indicates a total lack of respect for me.   

I do not want the driver disciplined!   Everyone connected with this incident was Black, except for me and possibly Mr. Addy, whose race I know nothing about.  I am the only non-Black resident of my household and immediate family.   I am NOT against Black people!

I would welcome questions , if you should desire them, and a reply once your investigation is completed.

Thank you for listening to my concerns!

George Marx (georges world on the water)
Attachments area
Geo <>
Mar 24, 2019, 10:10 PM
to questions, me
Hello,                                                                                         March 24, 2019

On March 8, 2019 I sent the following email to you after filing a complaint with Mr. Reginald Addy of your office.   To date I have heard nothing regarding my complaint.   Please provide me either with the findings/result of my complaint or the progress made towards the resolution of the complaint or if necessary, forward this email to the correct party to do what I have requested.

Thank you!

George Marx

******************* (followed by March 8, 2019 letter
Mr. Addy or Whomever,                                               April 8, 2019

This email relates to a complaint which I filed with Mr. Addy on March 8, 2019 related to an incident which occurred on March 7, 2019 on my ride from Lafayette, Indiana to Chicago leaving Lafayette I believe at 8:00 p.m. and arriving in Chicago at 10:00 p.m.

As of tomorrow, when you should receive this email, it is 32 days since my complaint was submitted to you.   Mr. Addy, you indicated to me:  1.) That the driver had 30 days to respond to your inquiry of him and 2.) That the determination in my complaint would rest upon the video evidence, which you indicated would have been taken (and presumably saved).

I have previously left a message with your office last week and left a voice mail message with Mr. Miller; neither of which has been returned.

It would appear reasonable to me either:

1.) That your company would make a decision related to my complaint in the next several days or 
2.) That a status report on my complaint would be issued with the next several days explaining any delay in making a determination.

I respectfully request either 1.) or 2.) below be issued to me during this week.


George Marx

 May 1, 2019
Reginald Addy <>
Wed, May 1, 2:12 PM
to QuestionsLarryJohn, me
Mr. Marx,

As we have previously discussed via phone conversation, Miller Transportation has conducted an investigation into the complaint you filed against the driver.  Our investigation concluded that the driver took the necessary steps to diffuse the situation in a manner consistent with the policies and procedures of our organization.  We have viewed the video footage from the schedule, however, the sound was not available and the footage only shows an interaction, whereby a passenger was then moved to the front of the vehicle.  The driver provided a statement consistent with your version of events, however, he states he verbally stated what Miller Transportation’s Objectionable Passenger Policies are for all passengers to hear as it pertained to a disruptive passenger and did not order you or anyone else to leave the vehicle.  He stated after verbally stating the policy, he asked passengers in the area their version of events and if anyone perceived the language being used as offensive.  He stated that most people were oblivious to the situation and confirmed they had not heard anything that would have been considered offensive…but he did say, most said they were not paying attention.  He confirmed his understanding of our policies regarding objectionable passenger removal and affirmed that the process must involve members of law enforcement.  Additionally he stated, he concluded the situation was resolved since both passengers involved completed their respective trips with no further incident.

We have closed this investigation in our office and have determined that no further action is needed.  I have attached our Objectionable Passenger Policy, which gives our staff, drivers and agents an overview and guidance on how to handle disruptive passengers.  Our goal is to provide safe, professional and courteous service to all passengers and have found nothing to indicate our driver conducted himself outside of the policies we have established.  We appreciate your email and the diligence you have maintained in following up with this matter.

Thank you for your comments,
Reginald Addy   

Geo <>
May 2, 2019, 8:45 AM
to ShirleyTodd.KochVanessa, Reginald, Questions, Larry, John
Mr. Addy,                                                                                                         May 2, 2019

I am disappointed, but not surprised by your final determination of May 1, 2019 on my complaint of March 8, 2019 concerning my bus ride of March 7, 2019.   
I wish for my response to be shared with you:

Mr. Larry Buckel of the Indiana Transportation Commission because your agency tacitly supports Miller Transportation by your contract with their company even though the route that I rode on March 7, 2019 was evidently not subsidized by your agency.

I wish for my response to be shared with you:

Ms. Shirley Jones and Mr. Todd Koch of Greyhound Lines because a bus clearly labeled "Greyhound" was what I rode on and Greyhound Lines bus schedule clearly lists the bus that I rode on.   You are tied to Miller Transportation contractually and choose to do business with this company.

I would initially like to discuss the procedural process that took place.

I filed a complaint on March 8, 2019 with you.   Having not heard anything, on March 23, 2019 I sent you and email and called and talked with you either on that date or the next date.   You told me then that that the driver had not responded to your request that he explain his side of what transpired on March 7th, that he was busy with his job, and that he had 30 days to respond to my allegations.

After this date I called your company and talked with a representative in your Indianapolis Office (I was transferred to him from your Louisville Office).   He indicated to me after several phone calls that he had referred my inquiry to your office and that I should hear from you (your company) shortly.   I never heard a response.

I subsequently called your office and left a voicemail for Mr. John Miller.   I never heard a response.

I emailed your office and asked for a status report or a final report, requesting a response that week.  I never received a response to this email.

I subsequently emailed you (Mr. Todd Koch of Greyhound).   I received multiple phone calls back from you (Ms. Shirley Jones).   In these calls I learned that you (Ms. Jones) had called you (Mr. Reginald Addy) and that you (Mr. Addy) had not returned the calls.   I also was informed by you (Ms. Jones) that the entire matter was the responsibility of Miller, not Greyhound, because the driver was a Miller driver.   

I do not accept the allegation that Greyhound has no culpability in this matter.   The bus said: "Greyhound" (not "Miller") on its outside.   The bus route I took is clearly listed in the Greyhound schedule.   Clearly, Greyhound has a contractural tie with Miller.

On May 1, 2019, I talked with you (Mr. Larry Buckel).   You told me that I would hear from Miller.  I did hear from Miller.

I have heard no explanation as to why a complaint filed on March 8, 2019 was not completed until May 1, 2019, 54 days later and then seemingly ONLY because of intervention of you (Mr. Buckel).

This is NOT good service!

I would like to provide you with a (selective) list of reviews of both Greyhound and Miller.  I do not think that these reviews paint a pretty picture as to the quality of service provided by both companies.   I would think, perhaps naively, that both companies would wish for improved public service!

 Rating: 1.5 - ‎624 reviews

 Rating: 1.1 - ‎233 votes
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 Rating: 1 - ‎11 reviews
Recommended Reviews for Miller Transportation. Start your review of Miller Transportation. Katie U. Indianapolis, IN. 280 friends. Kara W. Noblesville, IN. 68 friends. Andrea G. Warren Park, IN. 88 friends. Jallen B. Indianapolis, IN. 42 friends. Mahi L. Bloomington, IN. 0 friends. Gabriel C. D. Brooklyn, NY. Casey C. ...

 I would to now look at the findings in your investigation.   A significant part of my complaint was related to the service I received from you (Mr. Reginald Addy) when I filed my complaint on March 8, 2019.  You, totally unnecessarily made the process appear highly adversarial.  You could, upon taking my complaint, have told me:

1. We will be taking a statement from the driver and
2. The resolution of your complaint will rest upon the video evidence as to what transpired.

Instead, you told me that:

1. The driver would clearly have a different view as to what happened and his statement would be taken,
2. The driver had every right to remove me from the bus without questioning me or others,
3. The driver could have had the local law authorities remove me from the bus, without any other action being taken,
4. You had no need for taking my name, because you could determine it from the bus company's records
4. The resolution of the case would rest upon the video evidence.

It seems likely that you were the determining official for my complaint.   Given your prejudicial statement upon taking the complaint, I have serious doubts that the bus driver's account may well have been prompted by your "assistance".   I also question how his memory would necessarily have been clear, given that according to your own statement to me on either March 23rd or 24th, he had not responded with his side as to what transpired as of that date.

It is simply not true that he did not (initially) order me to leave the bus.   This fact could be corroborated with Ms. V----------------- P - ----- (omitted to respect her privacy), the passenger sitting next to me, the one I was speaking the alleged negative words with, if you so chose to investigate this matter seriously.   

One of the neighboring passengers, the gentleman sitting behind me, stated in response to the driver's questioning, that what I had said had not been offensive.

You did not address, in your response, my allegation that you (Mr. Addy) were unnecessarially adversarial in your response alfter I made my complaint.  You would appear to have a conflict of interest, resolving my complaint, based upon my complaint about how you handled the complaint in talking with me on March 8th.   The fact that you and your company seemingly evaded responding to my numerous inquiries after March 8th, also is problematic.

I find your handling of my complaint to have serious questions, as I have discussed above.   i find it problematic, that you:  Greyhound and The Indiana Transportation Authority, do not seemingly have concerns about the actions and inactions of Miller Transportation.   

I have filed complaints with The Better Business Bureaus of Louisville and Dallas.  I have written negative reviews on Yelp.

You obviously need not do anything further.  I would think that if you are really agencies/companies with integrity, that you might do something more than what you have done so far.


George Marx
John Miller
May 2, 2019, 9:10 AM
to me, Reginald, Questions, Larry, Shirley,, Vanessa

Don’t throw John Miller under the bus.  I never heard a voice mail from you.  Please understand our policies are designed to provide a positive service for all passengers, not just George.

I am not sure what your agenda is?  Is this some sort of social experiment or making noise for the sake of conversation?  If you are seeking an apology “I am sorry you were denied service, but it was done so in compliance with our policy”.  If you are seeking a refund I will engage Reggie determine if possible.

I somewhat doubt I will be able to satisfy you via this email but wanted to be responsive to your comments especially in light of commentary to the contrary.


On May 2, 2019, at 10:36 AM, George Ma <> wrote:
Mr Miller,

If you did not receive a voicemail message from me, that is among the least of what went wrong here.    I was not and am not seeking money from you.  I was not kicked off your bus.  

I, also, did nothing wrong.

I have been seeking three things:

1.  An education of the driver, with no discipline, as to how to handle similar situations in the future,
2. Action taken towards Mr Addy.  He was rude, acting inappropriately on March 8th when he could simply have been “matter of fact” then. and
3. An apology related to both 1. and 2. above.

I was not and am not asking for special treatment.  Racism should not be tolerated and the other person’s complaint should have been taken seriously.

John Miller                         May 2, 2019
Thu, May 2, 9:49 AM
to me
Thanks for cutting to the chase!

I have my days with Reggie as well.

I will need to learn more to address

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Greyhound Bus Company Correspondence

April 14, 2019

Mr. Koch,

On March 7, 2019 I went on a Greyhound bus through The Miller Transportation Company from Lafayette, Indiana to Chicago, Illinois.    I am now not positive as to whether the departure time was 8:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m.    The bus stopped at a gas station.   The driver came back towards where I was sitting and spoke directly to me.  His first words were something like:  "You must get off the bus (now)" .   He indicated that I had spoken in a way that was disrespectful of Black people.   I had been talking with V------   She is a 23 year old ----------------------------- (hidden to protect privacy).

I want to clarify that the bus driver was black.   The individual who complained about my speech was a black woman who I would estimate was around 50-55 years old.  No one was sitting next to her.   Across the aisle from me was a young man who is also black.   Behind me was another young man who is also black.

I am white.  

I was shocked at the bus driver's words.   I protested indicating that I had not been speaking negatively about black people.  I explained to the bus driver that my wife is black.   (private information about my wife omitted here including a URL where one can see her picture) .   Ms. V------------ P-------------- also spoke, defending my words.   The bus driver asked the young man next to me about my words and he indicated that he could not hear what I had said because he had had earphones on.  The driver asked the young man behind me about my words and he indicated that I had not said anything inappropriate.  

The complainant asked to be moved and was moved and I was allowed to remain on the bus.

I am a STRONG supporter of your "Zero Tolerance Policy" with respect to speech that is derogatory to another person based upon race.

I do not fault the woman who complained about me.  Although her actions were unwarranted, she acted in good faith.  

I do fault the bus driver for not either:  1.) Asking me one or more questions before determining that I should be kicked off the bus or 2.) Asking Ms. Pereira, the individual I was talking to, and/or others first, before determining that I should be kicked off the bus.

I have not asked that the driver be disciplined.  I do ask that he be spoken to concerning how similar situations should be handled.

On March 8, 2019 I filed a complaint with Mr. Reginald Addy of the Miller Transportation Company in Louisville, KY after being told by a Greyhound representative that any complaint needed to be filed with Miller, not Greyhound.   Mr. Addy was TOTALLY UNNECESSARILY adversarial after I stated what had transpired.   He indicated that the bus driver WOULD have a different perspective on what had happened and that they would need to get his statement.   He then concluded that there would be videotaped evidence of the interaction and that this would determine the outcome of my complaint.   

There was no need for Mr. Addy to indicate that the bus driver would dispute my statement as to what had transpired.   He could have simply told me that they would interview the driver and that videotaped evidence would determine the outcome of my complaint.     He also indicated that there was no need to even take my name as long as they had my phone number indicating that they could determine who I was from their ticket and passenger records.   This seemed rude to me, as if I didn't matter.

Subsequent to the filing of my complaint I followed up with an initial email as well as a follow-up email after not hearing anything, a final email on April 8, 2019.  I also called Mr. Addy in late March, 2019 and was told that they had not heard from the driver and that he had 30 days to respond to what I said in my complaint.   I called another time and spoke with another individual with Miller in Indianapolis.  He told me that he had left a message with the Louisville Office asking someone besides Mr. Addy (at my request) to call me back.  More recently I called and left a voicemail message with Mr. Miller, the owner/operator of Miller Transportation, asking that he call me back.  None of my calls have been returned, except for a call I made a few minutes ago from "David" who said he would email Mr. Addy asking him to call me.

I am submitting a copy of my email correspondence below.  I have not received a single email from Mr. Addy or anyone else at Miller Transportation.   While I have talked briefly with Ms. P, I have not talked with her specifically as to what transpired (e.g. "coached her" or questioned her or similar.

I believe that actions should be taken towards:

1.) The bus driver - no discipline - as I indicated above and
2.)  Mr. Reginald Addy - by The Miller Transportation Company.

Absent an expedited response via emali or phone I will shortly begin complaint processes such as with the Better Business Bureau for both Miller and Greyhound.  If it will take you time to resolve this matter, please make an initial brief initial response indicating this.   I have learned from this experience that waiting is not in my best interests.   

I would note related to the racism issue that since this incident I have started a Meetup Group entitled: Chicago Anti-Racism Meetup which will have its first meeting on May 5, 2019 and have started a related blog: and have a new email address:

I will be most happy to answer any questions you may have and/or to discuss this matter with you or any other member of your staff.   Absent any substantive supportive response I will never do business with Miller or Greyhound again and will do my best to share my experiences as a warning to others as to the quality of service that was shown to me.  Attached is a copy of my ticket.

Thank you!

George Marx   - see email correspondence - below:

(correspondence to Mr. Reginald Addy followed)

George Ma <>                  April 25, 2019
Wed, Apr 24, 2:47 PM
to todd.koch, bcc: me
Mr Koch,

On April 16th I emailed you in detail concerning my March 7th ride and March 8 complaint with Mr Reginald Addy of Miller Transportation.

I talked with an employee of yours named Shirley when she called me on April 17 and 18.  She then indicated that she would call Mr Addy and call me back on April 21 clarifying whether the bus I was on from Lafayette Indiana to Chicago was a Greyhound bus.  The bus said “Greyhound” on it’s outside.

I have heard nothing from Shirley or Miller.  Miller has not responded to my calls or emails.

Shirley I thought would call me.  I can only be reached by phone Tomorrow Thursday and Friday before 10:30.

I await expedite communication!

George Marx
Jones, Shirley <>  April 25, 2019
Apr 25, 2019, 7:44 AM
to me
Mr. Marx,
I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, I was trying to wait and give Mr. Addy a few days to respond to my voice mails. I have not heard from him. I left him another voice mail this morning. I noticed in the email you sent to Mr. Koch you stated it was a Greyhound bus. It  was never a Greyhound bus issue, it was that you said it was a Greyhound driver. I confirmed it was not a greyhound driver with you during our last conversation. This is a Miller issue. I am trying to assist you the best I can which is to try to get you in touch with someone at Miller.

Shirley Jones
Customer Care Supervisor
Bolt Bus/Greyhound Lines
Office: 214-849-6443 | 350 N St Paul Dallas, TX
George Ma <>
Apr 25, 2019, 11:45 AM
to Shirley
I am disappointed in your failure to accept partial responsibility.  I have filed a Better Business Bureau Complaint and helped lower your dismal Yelp review status and will avoid Greyhound and recommend that others do the sam

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
Correspondence with Indiana Department of Transportation

INDOT + Greyhound Lines + Miller Transportation

Geo <>     May 1, 2019
Apr 29, 2019, 11:53 AM
to kwest1
Ms. West,

Thank you for your assistance!   We just talked on the phone a few minutes ago.

The Hoosier Ride Story
The Hoosier Ride Intercity Bus Service is a collaborated effort between Indiana Department of Transportation, Greyhound Lines, Inc., and Miller Transportation. The project is part of a nationwide effort to connect rural areas and urban centers that result in connections of greater regional, statewide, and national significance.
The service was initiated by the Federal Transit Administration and the Indiana Department of Transportation. Miller Transportation received funding from these organizations to manage and promote this service to help link rural Indiana communities to Greyhound and the national network.
Hoosier Ride has become an important service that allows customers in rural parts of the state the freedom to travel at their convenience.  Hoosier Ride connects rural residents to more than 2,300 destinations throughout North America; Miller Transportation is an economical, flexible transportation option for those throughout the state. We are pleased to work with Greyhound Lines and INDOT on this important venture.
The buses operate each route daily with connections to Greyhound’s nationwide system and the Indianapolis International Airport providing Indiana rural residents with greater access and mobility.
Miller Transportation has been providing reliable interline scheduled route bus service to the Indiana and Kentucky region for more than twenty five years. Miller Transportation provides direct daily service to and from major metropolitan locations with connecting service throughout North America!

 want an INDOT contact - for this -  email, snail mail, and/or phone - + name of department or individual.
Note: subsequently there was communication with Mr. Larry Buckel of INDOT, who called Mr. Reginald Addy within a day of Mr.Addy’s determination on my claim.   Mr. Buckel sought a decision being made expeditiously.
The Miller Transportation Company, primarily through the actions and delays of Mr. Reginald Addy has handled an unfortunate situation poorly.   Mr. John Miller, the head of Miller Transportation Company, has seemingly continued the pattern of Mr. Addy, in simply disappearing.

All of this is a result of both poor behavior by employees of Miller Transportation and the failure of its leadership to apologize for what it has done.

Secondarily, The Greyhound Bus Company is complicit in this because it contracts with Miller in its bus service.   The Indiana Department of Transportation also tacitly supports poor service by Miller through its subsidizing of other bus routes.   

Neither Greyhound nor the INDOT seem to care about this matter.

I will be happy to furnish contact information for Ms. V. P. and/or additional information if anyone wishes to publicize this further!  Thank you!


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