New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival - 2019 - FUN!

The New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival is the greatest annual music festival in North America!   I loved it in 2011 and I love in now!   I will try to share pictures and experiences below:

April 25th - The Rain

It rained incredibly hard off and on until about 4ish in the afternoon.   It limited the number who attended, but still was wonderful, despite the mud, the huge puddles and the monsoon conditions at times.

Earth, Wind and Fire played a wonderful 90 minute set, concluding our day at the Festival.

Earth, Wind and Fire played both all their hits and other lesser known songs.   All were wonderful!

I also very much enjoyed Rockin' Dopsie Jr. & the Zydeco Twisters, who played a wonderful zydeco set with some variety of musical styles.   The accordionist was wonderful and the depth of the band was great.   Though Dopsie doesn't have a wonderful voice, he is a dynamic leader.

I only stayed for a small part of the Doobie Brothers set.   I wasn't wanting their style of music at that time, though they did a nice job.

J. Monque'D Blues Revue was a delight.   They had a group of kids in their show, who were most enjoyable.   J Monque was a great leader and this band also had strength in various musicians in the band.

Note the Native-American headdresses on two girls

April 26 - Sun 

Corey Ledet's Zydeco music was a nice start to the day.   The music was relaxing and moving.

Tab Benoit is a masterful, intense guitar player and a quite good singer.   His set was a strong, sustained, most enjoyable show.

Chris Thomas King is an incredible guitar player!   Besides his strange outfit, he has little stage presence, but his music is wonderful.

Foundation of Funk is a good group.   The venue was too large for them, though.  They need to be indoors, with the walls containing their sound.   It was hard to clearly hear all that they were trying to give us.

James Andrews and his band gave a varied, strong ensemble performance, featuring much of his large band.

James Andrews & The Crescent City All-Stars

Robert Cray is a wonderful guitar player and singer.   He has no gimmicks, and not a great stage presence, but he doesn't need it at all.   He is simply a wonderful, soulful blues man.

Robert Cray

April 27 - A Beautiful Sunny Day

Terry and the Zydeco Bad Boys were an unexpected delight!   Terry's accordion playing and singing was wonderful!   His guitar player was very skillful and a perfect complement to his playing.  I would love to see them perform again!

Mem played steady, strong blues music.   He's an excellent musician!

Mem Shannon and the Membership

The blues tent was overwhelmed with people seeking seats for The New Orleans Piano Professors.  It was a very, strong, warm show with several great pianist/singers.   Fats Domino's son (?) Jackson, in his red suit was one of the masters.

The New Orleans Piano Professors

Mr. Sipp was a trip!   He is a masterful guitar player.   He focused, however, on his "jive", working th crowd up with his repetitive lines, getting responses, trying to bring the crowd higher and higher.  It worked and was good, but I think he could also have shown his obvious talent more, also. 

Mr. Sipp "The Mississippi Blues Child

Maria Muldaur was a wonderful, incredible surprise to me!   Her music focused on Blue Lu Barker, who obviously was a delightful performer.  The music was "old" and beautful; a wonderful show!

Maria Muldaur's Tribute to Blue Lu Barker

Boz Scaggs played his music and got a strong response from his audience.  Unfortunately, I don't enjoy his music!

Boz Scaggs

Watson Memorial Teaching Ministries

Katy Perry (way away, terrible angle)

Music in the Fairgrounds/Festival Neighborhood

Sunday, April 28 - Hot - Sunny

The tribute to Dave Bartholomew and Fats Domino was a high point of the Festival for me.   Fats Domino's son (?) Jackson and Irma Thomas were very, very good.   The show, as a whole, was consistently beautiful.

Irma Thomas in her own set was simply incredible!   She is a great performer.

Bonnie Raitt was very good, performing her music excellently.  I didn't get excited, because I'm not a big fan of her music

Tribute to Dave Bartholomew and Fats Domino

Van Morrison was a Most Delightful conclusion to the Festival for me!   He played some of his own music, but the arrangements were strongly bluesy and jazzy; different from his recordings.   He played blues classics and finished his lengthy set with: "Gloria", a wonderful, wonderful show!

Neighborhood Porch Saturday After Festival

I LOVE the New Orleans Heritage Jazz Festival!   It is simply incredible!


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