Sea Trek Pictures December 29, 2018 - Seaquarium Miami - Underwater Pictures - A LOT of FUN

I went on Sea Trek at the Seaquarium of Miami with hopes that it would be fun and not difficult.   Being under-water seemed potentially rough with breathing.

Sea Trek was easy and a lot of fun.   Descending the 15 feet in the 300,000 gallon tank was the only part of the experience that required concentration and being careful.   Every few steps down I had to relax and breathe deeply to help my ears get adjusted.

Once on the bottom, it was simply a wonderful, greatly pleasurably experience.    My neck and right leg had been hurting.   They felt soothed by the water.   It was incredible having fish, rays and small sharks nearby.   

Reaching out towards the fish was strange as the water distorted my hand/eye coordination.  It felt funny but good when fish ran into me.

It is difficult to describe the wonder of the experience.   It was about 25 minutes of the most fun I've had in my life!


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