Badger - Notre Dame Hockey - First Row GREAT Seats

The View from well above our Seats
We are in the First Row - by the Plastic You See Below

The Badgers - for the Star Spangled Banner

The ice - right in front of us

Wow - Look Directly Up

The Zambonis - from Above -  
Our Seats are by the glass - lower right corner

Our seats - directly next to the Badgers Penalty Box

The Wonderful Deep Voiced Singer
of the Star Spangled Banner

We sat right in front of the glass

The Badger Players Warming up
Right in Front of Us

We were at the hockey game between The University of Wisconsin and Notre Dame's men's teams at the United Center in Chicago.   We literally had the best possible seats in the house.    There were four other seats that were indentically good - none better.   Across from us were the benches for both teams.   The players crashed into the plastic right in front of us.   Sometimes we couldn't see the puck because it was blocked from our view - being within several feet of us.

While the hockey game wasn't great, the experience was incredible.  I'd never had reserved seats for an event in the first row.   This was a wonderful time to have such an experience.


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