Belly - a Total Scam Artist Company

Today I had a most "interesting" experience related to a company called: "Belly" whose website is at: . I received an email that appeared to be from or related to a local (Chicago) business: Lickety Split Sweets. I had joined Belly when I made a purchase at LSS. The email seemed to indicate clearly that IF I went to their store, I would receive 1/4 pound of gummy bears (presumably for free). 

I went to LSS and the staff member (probably owner or manager) informed me that I had 20 Belly Points, accumulated 5 more per visit at their store with a purchase, and needed 50 Belly Points to get the 1/4 pound of free gummy bears. They generously gave me the gummy bears and informed me that they were terminating their relationship with Belly at the end of the month due to the DECEPTION of their add - which was meant to encourage me to buy from their store. 

I am, what is politely called "a pest". I filed a (scam) complaint with the Better Business Bureau, will file a complaint with the FTC in the morning if they will accept it, wrote to the management of the landlord in their building and responded on their website - informing them of all of the above and suggesting a response, while making clear that I was NOT seeking a "bribe" to shut me up! 

What a perfect example - of 2018 - and of our "fearless leader" in D.C.


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