The Waves Storm Around Me

The waves storm around me

Their fury, threatening

I feel the water

Its intensity, its depth

It reflects back upon me

So much!

I walked into the water

Not Directly


Through a back door

My fears demanded something

My heart adrift

I knew not a way

I knew not the way

I made a big mistake

Yet I hear peace

Amidst the turmoil

A voice speaks to me

Its answer is both

very clear


A total mystery

It is wrong,

So, so wrong

To drag the soul

Of Another 

Into the storm

With me

I wish

I’d seen the way

Had the courage

To fight the storm

Through attacking scissors

Rather than

Through piercing knives

That attacked in the sleep

I knew no other way


I am facing the waves

Ever increasing


I knew not the way

Nor had the strength

I had

There is a strange peace

Amidst the turmoil

I have hope….

Despite the furor

Despite my guilt

Despite my weak terror

I have created

That a just peace

Will result

Out of struggle

I do not deserve

What I hope to get

It can not just be me
It must include

The one I stabbed bitterly

Through the neck’s back

I’m sorry!


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