Hazel - Sitting Up - SMILING!

Last night we babysat for Hazel as her parents got a well-deserved night out to see a favorite performer.  Hazel showed us her newest skill sitting in front of us - looking around, seemingly amazed at all she could see, relishing the control she had over the world she's joined around her.

Every week when we see Hazel her growth from the last visit is readily apparent!   She is increasingly engaged taking in more and more around her and responding to us and the things around us with curiosity and excitement.   She takes in sounds and movement, noticing a parent in the kitchen, but not disturbed by their absence.

In her bath she kicked away merrily - fully tackling the water around her.  As the bath went on, she became tired and fairly rapidly her mood shifted from pure pleasure to expressing how things weren't "all right" and increasingly were "nasty".   The moods can switch from moment to moment.

B - got Hazel down and they left.   Twenty minutes later - cries - showed that she had awakened.  M tried various things to calm her down, but nothing worked, though she wasn't out-of-control at all.  I took her and couldn't sooth her until given a bottle, she drank - sucking strongly.   After drinking a little she tired of the bottle and took her pacifier.  I held her a few more minutes seeing her gradually relaxing and letting go.   I then placed her in her sleeping place, watching her for a few minutes and then leaving her contentedly asleep.  There wasn't a peep out of her for the remaining three hours we were there - a goodly part when I was on my own - as B and M picked up M1 from the airport.   

She is now 4 2/3 months old.  I think that crawling will start within the next 4- 6 weeks.  We will see. Her father was an early crawler.


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