Pain - Two Tails/Tales

Bubba and I approach our Pain very differently.

Bubba struggles in the moment with his sneezing attacks and no doubt other pain that we do not notice.    He also lives in the moment and enjoys his many sniffs outside, seeing and being near some other dogs, attention from humans and more than I'm not aware of.   Bubba doesn't worry about his health both in the present and looking towards the future.

I wish that I could cope with my pain in ways closer to how Bubba handles things.   The muscle area of my upper right leg (thigh) feels often like a sort of cramping, nagging pain varying in intensity.  When I walk most commonly the pain intensifies.   My doctor is trying to figure out what the cause of the pain is.   She prescribed 500 mg Naproxen twice daily hoping that it is inflammation that will go down relieving my pain.  Into my 4th day, that doesn't seem to be helping. 

I have also been struggling with constipation issues since late April.    Trying to do - Number 2 - 10-15 plus times daily - with varying levels of discomfort got old a long time ago.   In several weeks I will have a test to try to determine one possible cause of much of this.

Not being able to do aerobic exercise is frustrating.   I have gained wait due both to the lack of  exercise and my frustration and sometimes bad eating habits reacting to what is going on.

I also struggle with the feeling that I am really aging (quickly) and occasionally worry that the pain is helping expose something that is a Major problem.  I wonder - how serious such things could be?   Before I discovered that I had a heart condition in early 2017, I had been very, very, very lucky in rarely being sick and never having major health issues.

I hope that within the coming months the pain will lesson and go away!   It's not easily tolerable.  Thankfully I'm very happy with the other things in my life.


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