I was inspired to start this blog this early morning as I opened the blinds (my life partner is out of town) to a stunning sunrise.   The orange glow gradually getting less intense out the small window to the east and a gorgeous view of central Chicago's skyline out the larger windows to the south.

I am blessed to be able to live in such a wonderful place!    Our 18th floor view looking directly onto Lake Michigan

in Chicago is wonderful!   Living next to Loyola University's main campus barely in Edgewater (by Rogers Park) is a delightful mix of diversity - far from the All White worlds I've often lived in.    This is particularly noticeable living with my partner who is Black and Beautiful, ever making me aware of my White, Male Privilege.

I am proud and happy to be the grandfather of Hazel, now three months old.   It is wonderful to see her (generally) weekly watching her grow and glow!

Next to me in bed sleeping is our beloved dog Bubba, who generally seems unaffected by the fact that his cancer(s) likely will take his life in the coming weeks.   Bubba is relaxed and happy at least when he doesn't have his massive sneezing attacks.

I am crying as I think of our impending loss!    Bubba has been a wonderful companion.   He's had a mild cancer since we got him almost 3 years ago, with a new lethal cancer most recently.   He's calm now - awaiting us getting up and going out for the first time today.   I love our walks, at least when my right leg isn't painful.

I'm happy - that football season has begun.   I very much enjoy my Wisconsin Badgers!   This is my one - very Politically Incorrect love.   I'm far from perfect!

I am No Lover - of He who I will not name -  in Washington, D.C. - when not slumming it in Florida.

My vice - normally three afternoons a week is duplicate bridge, the card game.    In August - my partner Joe and I had a great game together - 75.19% - high enough to get our names and score noted in the ACBL Bulletin shortly in October.   Bridge makes me think, but is not stressful.   I love it!

Central to my life is my beloved B!

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J, Hazel,Bson, and me!

Enough - for my start!   Thanks!



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