Every Day is a Blessing

When I was depressed a few years ago, the bad days - were curses, without blessings.   When I was Very Depressed - before then - Every Day was a Big Curse!

Now that I feel good about myself, I can feel the joy, along with growing sadness, of having my little boy Bubba.    The sadness comes with feeling a little of the pain, he is increasingly feeling.  More of the sadness is feeling the Loss that is coming.   Bubba - is weakening, while he still seems to be Happy and Living Positively.

I am blessed to have each day I have my Little Boy!   He can be amusing and occasionally a pain, but he is a great pleasure I have in my life.

It is difficult to express the depth of feelings that I have related to Bubba!   He came into my life when I was doing better, but still wasn't doing good.   He quickly became a buddy and then much more than that.

Bubba is his own little man!   He wants attention on his terms.   He wants attention, but he doesn't want us to dwell too heavily upon him.  He wants respect.

I cry more feeling a lot of a variety of feelings.

Bubba - thank you for being such a wonderful part of my life!


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