What does it mean - when you say: "Hamas is a Terrorist ...." (organization etc.)?

 What does it mean when you say that Hamas is a Terrorist _____ ? (organization for example)

Do you similarly say:  "Israel is a Terrorist State?"

or say:

"The U.S. is the Most Powerful Terrorist State in the World?"

I doubt it!

Well, let's start with the U.S.   I'd certainly say that it is obvious, that if we are to claim - that 2000 years ago - .... regarding the U.S. - we might at best Guess - that Native Peoples lived in much of what is now North America including at least 49 states of what is now the U.S.   If we use the same definition, the U.S. is clearly a terrorist state!

When focuses upon Hamas, Israel is presumed, erroneously to me, to be a "positive" or "good" country. 


What right did Lord Balfour and the the British Government of 1917 and the years following it to promise a Jewish state in Palestine?   It would have seemed much more logical to declare that the residents of Palestine should have (finally) have independence from the rule of Turkey and not have Great Britain take over in controlling the entity, whether it should have been a "Palestinian State" or a confederation of tribes, or something else.   The Jewish population of Palestine in 1917 was hardly sizable, strong in any sense of the word, united and requesting statehood or similar!

When Hamas was founded in the late 1980's - we tend to focus upon a particular statement which implied that Jews were not welcome in Gaza.   At the same time, historically, there was tacit support of Hamas then, because they were seen as a "Muslim" organization which was counter to the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization).  

Today U.S. leadership presumes either that the Palestine Authority (which largely came from the PLO) will lead a Palestinian State or that other Arab Nations (or countries proximate to them) will oversee some hypothetical leadership.  Ignored is the fact that Hamas was the "winner" in the 2006 elections, which were not rigged and that if anything, it "should" be the democratically elected governing body until elections are held again.

Perhaps may in the United States were naive about understanding the historic roots of what Israel has done to the Palestinian People prior to October 7th.   There appeared/appears to have been a common narrative of "radicals on both sides prevented peace" and that Yasir Arafat had his chance to make peace through U.S. mediation efforts, and he rejected a reasonable offer.   Implicit in this is a blame of the Palestinian leadership for why a Palestinian State doesn't exist.


Simply looking at the West Bank, and how Israel, with the full support of the United States, has chopped up the land, expanding more and more and more and more, should bring up questions among "innocent" people in the United States!

Innocence can only keep one non-complicit for a limited period of time before there should be recognition of something more obviously existing.

The narratives that I was taught are simply wrong!

The fears of the Jewish People of another Holocaust coming from the Palestinian People are real.   They are, however, totally misguided.  Black People are not threatening white people (most of the time).  The fears for revenge are similar!!!!!

George Marx and Noura Erakat - see: 


and: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TPYoYGgi2bg  (great interview of her)

The Palestinian People are being attacked in Gaza!  The Palestinian People are being attacked in The West Bank!   The Palestinian People are being attacked, within the "original" Israel!   

The death totals are grossly unequal in all three areas!   The treatment of the people is similarly unequal in all three areas.

Yes, there are "laws" that supposedly support a "democratic state"!   Looking more deeply into the realities is important!   MSNBC rarely digs deeply!

Listen to alternate voices!   Democracy Now -

https://www.democracynow.org/ - is one source of such information.

Rashid Khalidi - including his book: "The Hundred Year War..." -

 https://www.georgemarx.org/2024/02/the-hundred-years-war-rashid-khalidi.html is one excellent source of information.   Watch Peter Beinart interviewing Khalidi early in 2024 at:


More Rashid Khalidi - Summer, 2024 - lengthy, but worth it see:


These, other links to my reviews and writings, and more are at:

https://www.georgemarx.org/2022/12/palestine-israel-judiasm-posts-links-my.html .

We don't need to agree on everything!   When you remain "innocent" or "uninformed" you continue to support - genocide and huge inequities and you are NOT - doing anything to help end the Fears many of us who are Jewish have!!!!   

These fears will fester and grow and inequities continue!   

A lasting Peace won't come from Wars and Attacks!   A lasting Peace will only come with a Just Peace!   


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