Nakba Day and Abortion Rights (Day) - Meaningful Days in Succession


The words are so, so true!   I am sad, I am angry!   The silence of so many today is criminal!

The flags, the patriotism of the Palestinians is real and most important!

I am an outsider, as a white, Jewish man!   It is most important that I am here - amongst the Palestinian-American People - who are much more directly impacted by the Crimes of our country - in supporting Apartheid - Murder - No Respect!

Young children - speaking the words of their people.  Old People - many in-between.   They are here because their lives and the lives of their people really matter, really matter!

 Lesley Williams of Jewish Voice for Peace - Chicago (and National) - speaking passionately and getting a warm response.  We are welcomed and respected!

Lesley - left us - a few minutes later.  Her daughter has Covid - she just found out - while with us.

The Muslim leader - speaking caring, loving, important activist words!

A Labor Leader - Speaking - Much Applause


One Day Earlier
Also Vitally Important Message
Abortion - is Healthcare
We Men CAN NOT Stop It - We Must Support the Women,
The Trans and Non-Gender Binary People - The Queer Folks

Wacker Drive - Marching

Under the Train Tracks - the Voices Much More Visible

So Many Caring People - Women Led - More of us Men than I expected.

Such Important Days - Important Message(s)!


My weekend was most meaningful!   One year ago - I marched for Palestinian Rights in Raleigh, NC.   Saturday - a most important - Abortion Rights March in Chicago.

I was happy that close to 20% of attendees were men!   I'd guessed it would be 5-10%.   I handed out somewhere between 75-100 slips of paper to men there - inviting them to join us May 18th - and onward within - MERJ - Men for Equity and Reproductive Justice - at: (live starting Wednesday).   We men - are so, so late - but it is good we are starting to get organized.

It was and is important work - particularly for us men - in my case as a white man!

Today - Sunday was Nakba Day - a day of sadness - anger - and hope!   Seeing - today - was meaningful - reminding me of an earlier day:  see: - but much more importantly - the incredible love and welcome I felt - amongst 300+ (often) religious, Palestinian-American Muslims - hearing Professor Marc Lamont Hill speak so passionately - see:

as well as - an important play - Rachel Corrie:

I feel shame - for what is done in my name as a Jew - I try to speak up to the false words, the false narrative.

It is so meaningful to see the Palestinian-American People - speaking not out of hatred - out of anger, yes - justifiable anger.

They are caring people - with warm hearts!  I wish - we could say the same about ourselves!


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