2022 - Republican Year ?

 I watch on MSNBC and CNN.   Sometimes I hear that the Republicans will definitely win control of the House in 2022.   At other times I hear that they will win both the House and the Senate.

I have no idea if what is said will prove true or not!   I do recall that predictions of the 2020 election as well as 2016 - were significantly off!

All this being said reflects the voices of the commentators and the "mainstream" media.

Facts and "the reality" - don't seem to matter much!   The economy is doing reasonably well.   The Democrats are proposing various "positive" things.   The Republicans are resisting nearly everything put forth by the Democrats.

"Critical Race Theory" and "Covid Mandates" seem like the big issues.  

I don't hearing anyone say that they want - to do what the Republicans are proposing.  What I do hear is that Biden and the Democrats are failing.

When will the Democrats - realize - that - feelings and particularly fears are what seems to matter the most now.    The Democrats are scared to talk about racism - seriously.   The Democrats are scared of - clearly - blaming - the Republicans for much more than denying January 6th's significance.

Perhaps - the House Committee - will succeed in exposing Donald Trump and various Republican congressional leaders and followers - and things will turn against the Republicans.

I wouldn't count on it!

I have wondered for a long time why the Democrats don't see - that simply sharing their ideas based upon facts like:  "The Ozone layer - is in danger" and basic ideas like "abortion rights should be kept" are not enough to win elections.

The Democrats are seemingly "intelligent".    The Republicans are "crafty" and really strategic - in doing what it takes to win.


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