The Big C - scary - Yes!

 Last evening - my younger step-child and I both had Covid Tests and found out that we are now among the 50 million plus Americans with (or having had) Covid-19!    We were tested after finding out that the older step-child has Covid (he was with us last Friday).

It was and is a shock!

We are awaiting a result - from the most accurate test for my partner B - which should come by this evening.    This is scary- IF she tests positive- we need to deal with the dangers she faces as an immuno-compromised person (Sarcoidosis).   If she is negative, we need to continue segregating ourselves - with masks - within our condo.

Now - 9 more days - at least - of isolation!

I have a cold - and am a little more tired than usual!   I skipped a workout day yesterday.  Today I lifted 4500 or so lifts of my 25 pound weights and did 37 minutes on the exercise bike.   Not 100% - but close.

I was so sure - I'd Not get Covid!  No more!

It is - what it is!


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