Coal Joe + Mitch: The "geniuses" vs. us Fools!

 Joe Manchin - U.S. Senator - West Virginia - will be 74 later this summer - Net Worth:  a little under $8,000,000 - up for re-election in 2024 - when age 77.

Mighty Mitch - U.S. Senator - Kentucky - age 79 - Net Worth: $22,500,000 - up for re-election in 2026 - when age 84.

Mitch is a man of great "integrity".   His loyalty is to political power.   He understands how to live by manipulating Democratic Party politicians.   He's against what The Donald did on January 6th, but we shouldn't dwell on the past.

Democrats are "socialists".   We need bi-partisanship.   Barack Obama naively tried to work with him and failed miserably.   The Donald and he did not get along - and he is trashed by him a lot - but they worked together admirably.

Remove the sadist part of the Donald - and you have Might Mitch.   "Me" - and what's best for "me" - is all that matters.   

Mighty Mitch - has really done an excellent job!  If one looks at things based upon the issues - e.g."rationally" - the Democrats should - wield 80-90% of the Power.     Whenever the chips are down - Mitt, Lisa, and Susan - will tow the line and even - obstinate Adam and the "rebel" Liz - won't rock the boat.

Joe is a different man!   In a state which is over 92% white, coal is often "the issue".   Joe won't admit - of course - that coal - will never be brought back and grow again.  The Donald promised to help, and he didn't do anything real.  Joe - represents the powers of his state, the coal barons and their allies.

One might think that Joe - would push for things to really help his core voters.  He might recognize that the poverty of his state needs serious efforts to diversify economic growth and educate his people.  Joe - knows - that he has power now - primarily because he is the "50th vote"- and he revels in his power.

Allying himself largely with Republican voices wields power that he could never have as a mainstream Democrat or even if he were to bail and become a Republican.   Looking at the real issues deeply would be threatening.   Taking on the monied interests is dangerous to almost any politician.

So - why are we such fools?

Can't we see how we are manipulated by - fear - division, etc?

Divide and conquer!!!!

Heather McGhee's wonderful book: The Sum of Us - see:

masterfully talks of how poor white people are manipulated to see poor Black People as their enemies  - and how both are victimized in similar ways.

Mitch and Joe - are the "geniuses" - because we foolishly hear - their appeals to our worst sides and do nothing to confront them.  Fear triumphs over reason far, far too frequently!

We who are white, liberal, and upper-middle class don't generally recognize what we are up against when we seek a progressive, fair future!   We need to be much more effective!


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