Why(t)- diss em - Power MEN (T)

Why (t) diss em Power MEN (t)

In my training of white men

learning of our racism, sexism and classism

at the very least

Men are (at least) honest

in saying

"I'm learning a lot,

But, it is very complicated".

Perhaps - for example

I have a lot of my work focus


Building the Wealth 


People - 

who have a lot of investments

I hear that Capitalism 

in the US of A

is a Key Problem

I want to help

End Racism

but first

I need to learn

and Understand

Far More

Than I Know - Now

Why Am I here?

I hear a lot - 

which makes Sense

Telling Me

That the "stories" of my life

are based upon

Racism, Sexism, Classism and Homophobia

that's a lot to hear

i Do Not know


I should go

(the ghost) 

Intervenes in the Moment

You are dissing so many

through your finding


without any Action

to help them - really help them

with Far More

than a Few

Positive Words


I don't feel like I have a lot of Power

Do I?

Perhaps - You Don't Understand

the breadth of the Power

that you clearly have

Men - of Whiteness

When will we get off of our Hi Horror's's

and Really Risk our Hearts and Souls

Getting Very, Very Uncomfortable

Very Quickly

Struggle, Really Struggle

rather than Fleaing

into our tiny selves

a little affected

but ultimately

Holding Up

the Systemic Racism,



and Much More

I find it Sad, Very Sad

that we remain - largely - disempowered

being soft and gentle


in our



The Giants

smiling, sharing

but are we really caring - ?

beyond the gates - 

around our Lie-v's


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