Review - It Was ALL a LIE: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump

Stuart Steven's - It WAS ALL A LIE: How the Republican Party Became Donald Trump is an interesting highly relevant book as we move towards the 2020 elections.   Stevens, a long-time Republican campaign manager has a strong ax to grind in this book.

He is extremely detailed in his critique!   His sarcasm at the hypocrisies of the Republican Party politicians and leadership is quite evident!

Example:  The head of NCPAC (note National Conservative Political Action Committee) was Terry Dolan.   He was also gay and later died of AIDS.   As far as I could tell, NCPAC was a gay organization dedicated to electing the most conservative and antigay politicians in America. p.46

The author strongly criticizes the pledge Grover Nordquist has championed, insisting that politicians must pledge to never raise taxes.   He notes that along with this is a pledge to push for a balanced budget amendment.  Meanwhile, with all the Republican tax cuts, it is no wonder that Republican administrations consistently have HUGE budget deficits and raise the national debt substantially.

Stevens talks about the derision Republican leaders have for Donald Trump, along with their hypocrisy in not opposing his crazy statements and policies.   He discusses how prior to the 2016 election, a number of politicians refused to oppose Trump, presuming that he'd lose the election and then they could reform the Party.

The main focus of the book is upon how the Republican Party, dating back to the 1960's has become the "White (Racist) Party".   While its voices talk about expanding its base, they consistently push policies that appeal to the nativist voices who despise BIPOC People, immigrants, gays/lesbians/trans people, etc.

While this book is far from perfect, it is a very readable, excellent book for what it does!


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